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If you like to lend a hand to your vehicle yourself, you will find the Black Friday sale at Amazon Find what you are looking for: There is a large number of them here OBD2 diagnostic equipmentwith which not only errors can be read out, but also certain vehicle functions can be monitored. AUTO BILD shows the best deals in the Black Friday week!

Launch’s ODB2 devices in the Black Friday deal on Amazon

With a large number of discounted items, the Launch brand can score points in the Black Friday week. You save a lot with Launch CRP909E, which costs 458.15 euros in the sale and is therefore 80.85 euros cheaper. Fewer functions, but it is also cheaper Launch X431. With a discount of 15 percent, the OBD2 diagnostic device costs only 254.15 euros instead of the usual 299.00 euros. The occasional screwdriver will also work with the Launch Creader V + be satisfied that it is available for only 38.04 euros – buyers here pay 6.96 euros less than the normal price.

OBD2 diagnostic devices from Black Friday launch on Amazon

OBD2 diagnostic devices cheap

at Amazon there are many other offers for OBD2 diagnostic devices from Topdon, Ancel, Mucar, Beefix and Konnwei. If you want to spend a little more money, you will find it at Topdon find it. In the Black Friday sale you save 16 percent and pay only 135.00 euros instead of 159.99 euros for the OBD2 diagnostic device. It is one size smaller and more manageable Ancel VD700, which costs just 101.99 euros with a discount of 22 percent. That Mucar CDL20 is ideal for hobbyists and at Amazon currently available for 23.28 euros. The normal price here is 27.39 euros. A look at that Beefix OBD2 diagnostic device It’s also worth it, because you can get this model for 19.99 euros during the Black Friday week. Bargain hunters watch out: this is one of the cheapest devices Konnwei KW310, for which only 19.99 euros are currently being charged instead of 24.50 euros.

More OBD2 diagnostic devices in the Black Friday deal on Amazon

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