Black Friday 2021: The Best Auto Accessory Deals For Winter

at Amazon there are also cheap car accessories for the winter on Black Friday. Snow chains, Windshield covers or Heated seat pads are offered with huge discounts. AUTO BILD has an overview.

König snow chain deals for Black Friday

In order to get around with the car in snow, snow chains are sometimes needed. Black Friday holds some bargains here too Amazon ready. The model is recommended for mid-range vehicles King CB-12 102, which is suitable for rim sizes between 16 and 19 inches. With a price of 45.64 euros, this is 48 percent below the RRP. They are also ideal for larger vehicles König Easy-Fit CU-9 100.

König snow chains for Black Friday on Amazon

This product is in the Black Friday sale with a Discount of 21 percent and currently costs 130.42 euros. the King K-Summit K23 is also very easy to put on because it only needs to be mounted from the outside. at Amazon There is also an offer for 233.05 euros instead of the usual 295.00 euros. All of the named products from König are of course supplied in a set consisting of two snow chains.

Black Friday offers: car accessories for the winter

That eight-part Sonax WinterSet is at Amazon currently offered for 28.79 euros. The scope of delivery includes, for example, a windshield deicer, anti-frost and transparent concentrate and a rubber care product. The also ensures an ice-free windscreen Windshield cover from Transmitter. The price on Black Friday is 14.44 euros – that makes a saving of 20 percent. the heated seat cover from HP auto accessories warms the bones again in cold temperatures. The product is available for 19.99 euros instead of 33.20 euros.

Auto accessories for the winter from Sonax & Co. at Amazon

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