Black Friday 2021: The best deals for classic car fans

Black Friday is in two days. But Amazon, eBay and Co are already attracting many bargains. But the shipping giants do not only have something on offer for computer freaks, there are also many offers with rich discounts for vintage car fans, which can be useful for four-wheeled sweethearts. AUTO BILD has selected the best Black Friday deals for classic car owners!

Selected products in a tabular overview

CTEK MXS 5.0 (-40%)

53.82 EUR

DEPSTECH endoscope camera (-18%)

40.79 EUR

SONAX XTREME RichFoam Shampoo (-37%)

8.37 EUR

SONAX PremiumClass leather care set (-45%)

34.61 EUR

3M polishing foam (-19%)

27.11 EUR

Phyle’s molding wedge set (-42%)

11.55 EUR

Ginsco fastening clips (-32%)

16.98 EUR

Presto rust converter (-32%)

16.98 EUR

Fengzio cleaning set (-15%)

10.19 EUR

Cosmos full garage (-15%)

33.89 EUR

BAMATO workshop trolley (-38%)

429.95 EUR

Makita cordless drill (-36%)

184.95 EUR

Tools and accessories for classic car fans in the Black Friday Deal 2021

Plastic clips and cladding brackets often become porous and break with age – especially if you manipulate them with the wrong tools. At Amazon there is currently Dismantling tool for moldings, clips or holders from the Ginsco brand in the Black Friday deal. The tool consists of various hooks and plastic wedges. If a clip breaks anyway, the set will help: 660 different plastic clips and holders are included in the scope of delivery. But not only brittle plastic, but also rust is one of the signs of aging that the hobby of oldtimers brings with it. Here can Presto 603086 rust converter Remedy, which is currently being sold on Amazon with a 31 percent discount for 8.07 euros.
But not only on Amazon there are useful tools and accessories: on eBay there is with the Bamato Work 550 an XXL tool trolley in the Black Friday deal. The workshop trolley is equipped with tools in matching foam inserts. Instead of 699 euros (RRP), the workshop trolley can now go to the hobby workshop for only 429.95 euros – that’s a saving of almost 270 euros! Even when buying the Makita DDF482RFJ cordless drill you can currently save real money: Instead of 291.55 euros (RRP), the cordless drill is now available with a 36 percent discount for only 184.95 euros!

Endoscope in the Black Friday offer on Amazon

Over the years, moisture, dirt and a lack of cavity preservation cause rust on old and youngtimers. Often the sills and beams rust through from the inside out. An endoscope is required to look for rust there or to check the cavity preservation. At Amazon there is currently one thanks to the Black Friday week Depstech endoscope very cheap. The endoscope can be linked to Android or IOS smartphones via WiFi. The lens diameter is 8.5 millimeters and the cable is five meters long. This should allow the endoscope to reach all cavities. Instead of 49.99 euros (RRP), the endoscope is now available for only 40.79 euros. That’s a saving of over nine euros!

Car care products cheap

Old sweethearts need care. Here, too, the Black Friday week comes in handy: At Amazon there are currently many car care products at bargain prices. So there is on that Sonax Xtreme RichFoam car shampoo currently a whole 37 percent discount and is available for just 8.37 euros instead of 13.27 euros. This is also available from Sonax PremiumClass leather care set currently with huge discounts. The leather care set, which is supposed to clean the leather and at the same time donate moisture, is currently available for only 34.61 euros. That is almost 30 euros savings compared to the RRP! So that the clean car doesn’t get dirty again straight away, there is from Cosmos car covers in different sizes on Amazon. Among other things, there is a small, breathable full garage for 33.89 euros instead of 39.99 euros. The full garage is available in different colors, a practical storage bag is included.

CTEK battery charger on sale at Amazon

Even if classic cars are usually not driven in winter, the battery still suffers. A battery discharges even when it is disconnected. This can be remedied by a maintenance charging device like the CTEK MXS-5.0 create, which is especially cheap on Amazon thanks to the Black Friday week. The charger offers, among other things, a reconditioning mode, which should help deeply discharged batteries or batteries in bad condition to get going again. The desulphation function is intended to remove the sulphate breakdown on the batteries and thus ensure a longer service life for the batteries. Instead of 89.99 euros (RRP), the MXS-5.0 is now available for only 53.82 euros – that’s a discount of a whopping 40 percent!

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