Black Friday: Car battery chargers reduced –

Price bang: car battery chargers as lightning deals

In winter, the car battery often becomes a problem, so start booster or car battery charger should always be close at hand. Numerous deals and lightning offers on Amazon, eBay & Co lure you to Black Friday!

S.if the car battery strikes, quick remedial action is required. The battery discharges quickly, especially in the cold season. The result: the car no longer starts. You can prevent total failure by charging the battery regularly. If there is not enough time for charging, there is also the start booster – a kind of power bank that is connected to the battery and supplies the battery with power when the engine is started. Just in time for Black Friday there are many offers: From car battery chargers to start boosters to jump start cables – AUTO BILD has selected the best offers and bargains.

Lightning deal on Black Friday: CTEK MXS 10 reduced

The CTEK MXS 10 is the big brother of the popular CTEK MXS 5.0. The device is suitable for car batteries, but also for larger batteries in mobile homes or caravans. In addition to the charging function, it also has a desulphation level for deeply discharged batteries as well as a maintenance level so as not to damage the fully charged battery. The charger itself usually costs around 130 euros (RRP 170 euros). At Amazon, the charger is also available as a lightning deal from 1:45 p.m.! Here it is worthwhile to click on “watch” to secure the even lower Black Friday price.

Extremely cheap: Dino charger for 23 euros

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive charger, you will also find it in the Blitz Deals on Amazon on Black Friday: The Dino car battery charger costs only around 23 euros. A real bargain. It even has a trickle charge function. The battery test function also shows whether the battery needs to be recharged.

Black Friday Deal: Dino Startbooster on Amazon

The Startbooster from Dino secured itself the grade “good” in the ADAC test of Startboostern. In contrast to other start boosters, the Dino product even works at minus temperatures (down to minus 20 degrees) power. It is not only suitable for car batteries, but also for motorcycle, truck and boat batteries. Nice side effect: If the booster is not needed for jump start, it can be used as a power bank. At Amazon there is the Dino Startbooster in the Black Friday week for around 109 euros.
Black Friday deals

Ctek MXS 10

Price: 169.99 euros

Offer price *: 129.65 euros

Dino power pack jump starter

Price: 139.99 euros

Offer price *: 108.44 euros

Einhell battery charger

Price: 64.95 euros

Offer price *: 36.49 euros

Hama car battery charger

Price: 49.99 euros

Offer price *: 40.72 euros

Dino power pack battery charger

Price: 29.90 euros

Offer price *: 23.96 euros

* As of: 27.11.


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