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Black Friday Weekend 2020: Jamie Oliver pans up to 73% cheaper

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Your frying pan is already totally warped and the coating is no longer in perfect condition? Then today is your lucky day. Because the high-quality pans by Jamie Oliver are currently on sale at Amazon. For the Black Friday weekend 2020 there is a discount of up to 73 percent on the versatile pans and pots that are absolute bestsellers on Amazon *. They currently lead the ranking of the best-selling products from the “Kitchen, Household and Living” * category.

Black Friday 2020: Popular Jamie Oliver pans on sale

The offer includes, for example, the Jamie Oliver pan Tefal E85604 for only 23.89 euros instead of 87.99 euros * – you save 64.10 euros (or 73 percent). There is also the Ingenio five-piece pan and saucepan set, 47 percent cheaper *. Instead of the conventional 212.48 euros you only pay 111.99 for Black Friday Weekend 2020. That corresponds to a saving of 100.49 euros! Which Jamie Oliver pots and pans are also reduced? We have found the four highlights for you:

1. Frying pan by Jamie Oliver

Tefal E85604 Jamie Oliver pan (24 centimeters, suitable for all types of stoves) – 23.89 euros instead of 87.99 euros at Amazon *

Savings: 64.10 euros (-73 percent)

2. small pot and pan set

Tefal L95690 Ingenio by Jamie Oliver five-piece pan and pot set (suitable for all types of stoves) – 111.99 euros instead of 212.48 euros at Amazon *

Savings: 100.49 euros (-47 percent)

3. small pan from Jamie Oliver

Tefal Jamie Oliver pan (20 centimeters, suitable for all types of stove) – 21.99 euros instead of 31.18 euros at Amazon *

Savings: 9.19 euros (-29 percent)

4. large pot and pan set

Tefal L95691Ingenio by Jamie Oliver nine-piece pot and pan set (suitable for all types of stoves) – 118.99 euros instead of 159.00 euros at Amazon *

Savings: 40.01 euros (-25 percent)

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