Black Friday Week’s Best Car Care Deals

Black Friday week is in full swing – and one offer chases the next. Including many car care products from brand providers such as Sonax, Dr. Wack, Meguiar’s and more. Regardless of whether it is rim cleaner or polish: AUTO BILD shows the best bargains.
Selected products in a tabular overview

Dr. Wack high-end rim cleaner (-11%)

13.47 EUR

Dr. Wack A1 Speed ​​Wax Plus 3 (-19%)

EUR 10.75

Dr. Wack A1 plastic deep care product (-33%)

8.73 EUR

Liqui Moly paint cleaner (-46%)

8.06 EUR

Liqui Moly polishing & wax (-43%)

7.99 EUR

Liqui Moly chrome shine cream (-29%)

7.64 EUR

3M Perfect-it III anti-hologram polish (-42%)

32.25 EUR

3M Perfect-it high-gloss machine polish (-32%)

30.22 EUR

Meguiar’s Quik Clay Starter Kit (-42%)

16.24 EUR

Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax (-31%)

14.44 EUR

Meguiar’s Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel (-37%)

11.82 EUR

Sonax car care in the Black Friday offer

In the Black Friday week there is at Amazon All kinds of products from Pflegespezi Sonax on offer. Particularly worthwhile: the practical one Care bag with ten products for interior and windshield care for 48.32 euros instead of 81.99 euros. That makes a saving of a whopping 41 percent. There’s even a 45 percent discount on that Sonax leather care set: Currently it costs only 34.61 euros, while the usual price is almost twice as high. There are also many other products such as polishes, car shampoos, detailers or scratch removers that entice with high savings. So it’s worth taking a look.

Dr. Wack: high-end wheel cleaner at a low Black Friday price

There are a number of offers from Dr. Wack for Black Friday week Amazon. One of the highlights is the High-end wheel cleaner, which emerged as the test winner in the large AUTO BILD rim cleaner test. at Amazon you pay only 13.47 euros for the 750 ml bottle with practical spray head instead of the usual 15.20 euros. If you want to give the whole car a new shine, throw yourself into this Dr. Wack A1 Speed ​​Wax Plus 3 – 2020 test winner in AUTO BILD car wax test. A discount of 19 percent pushes the price of the Speed ​​wax in the Black Friday week from 13.34 euros to only 10.75 euros. The is suitable for freshening up plastic, rubber and vinyl parts Dr. Wack A1 plastic deep care product. Bargain hunters can join Amazon enjoy a Black Friday discount of 33 percent. The price drops from 12.99 euros to 8.73 euros.

Meguiar’s auto care products on offer

There are also many bargains to be found on Amazon from the well-known Meguiar’s grocery store. With the Quik Detailer incl. Cleaning clay, which is reduced by 42 percent. It costs only 16.24 euros instead of 27.90 euros. You can also save a third on dry laundry Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax for currently 14.44 euros, instead of the usual 20.90 euros. The third bargain hit from Meguiar’s is this Endurance High Gloss Tire Gelthat gives car tires a fresh shine. The price has been reduced by 37 percent – 11.82 euros instead of 18.90 euros.

Liqui Moly: Big Black Friday Discounts on Amazon

Liqui Moly also offers a number of products for car cleaning. Including the Liqui Moly paint cleaner in the practical 500 ml bottle, which was reduced by 46 percent on Amazon during the Black Friday week. If you want to clean and protect your paintwork, take the Liqui Moly paint cleaner, now for 8.06 euros instead of the usual 14.99 euros, that’s right. Another bargain is the 500 ml bottle Liqui Moly polishing & wax, which thanks to Black Friday are currently 43 percent cheaper Amazon is to be had. Here you only pay 7.99 euros instead of 13.99 euros. The is ideal for chrome parts Liqui Moly chrome shine cream, which currently costs only 7.64 euros in the 250 ml bottle – without the 29 percent Black Friday discount, the bottle comes to 10.29 euros.

Cheap Black Friday deals from 3M

If you want to save properly, you should now also find the Black Friday offers on Amazon 3M strike. The best deal is this 3M Perfect-it III anti-hologram polish in the 1000 ml bottle. Thanks to a discount of 42 percent, the product does not cost 55.18 euros as usual, but is available for 32.25 euros. Is almost out of stock at Amazon already the Perfect-it Extra Fine Plus grinding paste from 3M. The one-liter bottle is 36 percent cheaper – for only 35.25 euros. The motto here is: strike quickly. Anyone who already has a polishing machine at home can get a discount on the 3M Perfect-it high-gloss machine polish be happy. This is available in the Black Friday week for only 30.22 euros – 32 percent cheaper than normal.

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