Black gold: Why are car tires actually black?

Colorful tires can be seen again and again on concept vehicles, unusual studies or as an advertising stunt at trade fairs. But on the international roads, billions of vehicles – whether electric cars or combustion engines, cars or trucks – roll exclusively on black tires.

The car tires are black because soot is added to the tires during production to make them more durable. The tires themselves are largely made of rubber. However, despite the extensive chemical and thermal treatment, this soft ingredient does not have the right consistency for the tough everyday use on the road. The added soot ultimately ensures that the tire retains its shape for years, in addition to its desired elasticity due to the rubber, so that the driving characteristics are guaranteed over a correspondingly long period of time.

Since when are tires black?

Incidentally, historically car tires were not always black, but white or gray, especially in the early days of automobiles. At that time they consisted of a flexible rubber compound, but no soot had been added to it. As this happened more and more, the tires switched to the black warehouse, where they are in good hands to this day.

There are always developments to give the tires a different color, which would not be a problem from a legal point of view, for example. However, the correspondingly colored tires would lose their light or even bright color after a while, because weather influences cause tires to age and become porous. This is minimized, among other things, by the black color.

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