BlackRock managed power to record high

This is evident from figures for the fourth quarter. The American company owes the increase mainly to the sharply increased share prices in the past period. Stock markets worldwide soared as a result of the start of the vaccination programs and the support measures by governments and central banks.

Big in trackers

Investors, including Dutch pension funds, also brought extra money to BlackRock by investing in financial products offered by the American group. The asset manager is big with ETFs (trackers), which track indexes.

The new record represents an increase in total assets of almost 11 percent compared to the previous quarter, when there was also a record. Partly thanks to all this extra money, BlackRock was able to further increase profits.

Lots of investments

Net profit rose in the last three months of last year by almost a fifth to well over 1.5 billion dollars. The bottom line was more than $ 4.9 billion in all of 2020, compared to just under $ 4.5 billion in the previous year.

BlackRock invests in a variety of companies. For example, his nearly 4.5 percent stake in Apple alone is worth $ 123 billion. Other major assets are Microsoft (4 percent, worth $ 108 billion) and Amazon (3.2 percent, worth $ 87 billion).


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