Blake Lively felt ‘insecure’ about the body after pregnancy

Since her big break in Gossip Girl there is no escape from Blake, who is often praised for her style and looks. But she sometimes thinks very differently about that. In January 2020, the actress was a guest in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Although it could not be seen, the actress did not feel well during the interview. “I put together this outfit myself, because there were no samples that fit,” Blake said in her Instagram Story. “So little clothes fit me at the time.”

Blake wants to change that. “It is not a good message to women if their bodies do not fit the sizes of these brands,” says the actress. It’s alienating and confusing. I wish I felt as confident then as I feel now, a year later. That body gave me a baby and then produced the food supply for my child. What a wonder. But instead of feeling proud, I felt insecure. Just because I didn’t fit in those clothes. How silly that is. ‘

Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds are the parents of daughters James (6), Inez (4) and Betty (1).


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