Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT: Testing the car radio (2022)

Anyone who is interested in the Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT will most likely place great value on an original look in the interior, because the control panel looks almost like an OEM car radio. The radio is equipped with a hands-free system, a USB port and an aux port. In the AUTO BILD car radio test 2022, the Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT achieved 194 out of 300 points and thus received a grade of 3.1 (“satisfactory”). (You can read all the other results in our car radio test.)

product test

Valencia 200 DAB BT

blue point

Valencia 200 DAB BT

  • High quality
  • intuitive operation
  • Original optics
  • VHF reception with heavy dropouts

Price €159.90

Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT car radio test

Furnishing: The equipment of the Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT includes a USB connection, an auxiliary connection and a Bluetooth function. There is also a hands-free facility with a microphone integrated into the radio. The color of the display cannot be changed and therefore cannot be adapted to the car’s instrument lighting.

“Equipment” rating: 19 out of 45 points

Installation: The enclosed installation instructions are somewhat confusing, but installation is relatively easy. But before installation, you have to dig into your pockets again, because a DAB+ antenna is not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately. If the car already has DIN plugs, connecting the radio is quite easy: the DIN plugs can be plugged directly into the radio without an adapter. With an installation depth of 117 millimeters, it is one of the more compact radios and should therefore fit in most dashboards.

“Installation” rating: 21 out of 50 points

Service: The operating instructions are more understandable than the installation instructions. The control panel looks very structured and as tidy as an original radio. The functions of the various buttons are immediately recognizable, and the Valencia 200 DAB BT also has very large buttons that are easy to feel while driving. The Bluetooth connection is quickly established and saved. Switching between music sources is easy. Music files stored in folders on a USB stick can be played without any problems. Not only zapping between the music files is possible here, but also between the folders. The names of the music files and folders are displayed.

The radio takes a little longer to establish DAB+ reception. Searching for channels, on the other hand, is quite easy and the channels can be easily saved. There are occasional dropouts while driving. The situation with FM reception is worse: On our test drive, the Blaupunkt Valencia lost reception almost permanently and only emitted an annoying, constant hissing sound over the loudspeakers. Even after a second and third test drive and another check to see whether the antenna cable was properly connected, the situation didn’t get any better. A major blunder that even the intuitive operation and the well-functioning hands-free facility can no longer compensate for.

“Service” rating: 118 out of 150 points

Quality: The processing of the control unit appears to be of very high quality, and the feel of the buttons also leaves nothing to be desired. However, it loses points in terms of reliability – the poor VHF reception must be taken into account here. The radio lighting can be dimmed using the car’s light switch, so it doesn’t dazzle at night.

“Quality” rating: 36 out of 55 points

Conclusion: The Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT impresses with its intuitive operation and high-quality workmanship. Added to this is the look, which does not look like a typical retrofit radio. However, while the slight dropouts in DAB+ reception are already annoying, the poor FM reception is a major blunder. A real shame.

Facts about the Blaupunkt Valencia 200 DAB BT

Furnishing: USB, AUX, Bluetooth, speakerphone, DAB+
Playback formats: MP3, WMA
Perfomance: 4 x 40 watts
Price: 119.00 euros (RRP)

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