Blink Video Doorbell: Affordable video doorbell with lots of extras

Amazon is now selling the Blink Video Doorbell for the front door. With intercom and alarm function in case of movement. In combination with an Echo Show a super simple video doorbell even without a smartphone.


Blink video doorbell

(130mm x 42mm x 34mm) is available now. It is Blink’s first video doorbell. Along with Ring, Blink is one of the two companies specializing in camera technology that belong to Amazon. Unlike Ring, which has always specialized in video doorbells, Blink didn’t offer a video doorbell before. That changes today.

Buy Blink Video Doorbell on Amazon

(in white or black color)


Blink video doorbell

is attached to or next to the front door and then transmits its image to the Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet or to an Echo Show. The combination of Blink Video Doorbell and Echo Show 5 offers a cheap and easy-to-use front door surveillance solution for people who do not use a smartphone. Amazon also offers the Blink Video Doorbell in a package with a matching Echo Show 5. If you already have a Blink system with the corresponding sync module in operation, you can also buy the Blink Video Doorbell separately.

  • The Blink Video Doorbell without Sync-Modul-2 (for integration into an existing blinking system or for use with a limited range of functions)

  • The Blink Video Doorbell with Sync Module-2 (if this is your first Blink camera)

  • The Blink Video Doorbell with Echo Show 5 and Sync Module 2 (this is the ideal solution if you don’t want to see the video doorbell image on your smartphone or tablet, but on a fixed device). See also: Echo Show 5 2021 (2nd generation) in the test – cheap smart speaker for purists

The Blink Video Doorbell can optionally be wired to an existing doorbell. In this case, the Blink Video Doorbell triggers the existing door chime when activated. There is information and a video on installing the Blink Video Doorbell here.

You connect the Blink Video Doorbell to your home network via WiFi. Like all Amazon devices, the Blink Video Doorbell can also be operated via Alexa. You will receive a notification in the app when it sounds or the camera detects motion.

Amazon explains the following about the Sync Model 2: Without the Sync Module, live video and two-way audio are only available when the doorbell is pressed or a motion event is detected. With a Sync Module or Sync Module 2, these functions are always available on demand.

Blink video doorbell

The video doorbell transmits the image with 1080p day and night – an infrared function is available for use at night. You can also use the Blink to speak to the person at the front door, so the camera acts as an intercom. It also has a motion detector that ensures that the camera starts recording when someone moves in front of the camera.

Free cloud storage until October 2022

Live video and motion detection notifications as well as the intercom are also available without a cloud service. However, if you want to store the videos in the cloud and access them from anywhere, you need the Blink subscription. This is not permanently included with the Blink Video Doorbell, but can only be used free of charge until October 2022. After that, you have to subscribe to it for a fee or do without the cloud storage of the recordings. However, you can still save videos to a USB stick that is compatible with the

Sync Module 2

connected is.

Blink Mini: Affordable security camera with cloud storage from Amazon

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