Blizzard stops development of “World of Warcraft Mobile”.

Blizzard has discontinued World of Warcraft Mobile after three years of development due to funding disputes.

As reported by the Bloomberg news agency this week, Blizzard has discontinued a mobile game for “World of Warcraft”. The title has been developed for three years in cooperation with the Chinese publishing partner Netease and should be a mobile game version of the well-known MMORPG.

Funding disputes between Netease and Blizzard

But nothing will come of “World of Warcraft” for your pocket. According to Bloomberg, there was a dispute between Netease and Blizzard over the game’s funding. Since the two companies could not come to an agreement, the project with the code name “Neptune” was discontinued without further ado. According to the information, Netease has already withdrawn 100 employees who were entrusted with the development of “World of Warcraft Mobile”. Only some of them have found new employment in other Netease departments.

Long-standing cooperation between the two companies

Blizzard and Netease already look back on a long-term cooperation. The two companies have been working together since 2008. This collaboration resulted in, among other things, “Diablo Immortal”. The free-to-play MMORPG was released for iOS and Android in June 2022.

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