Blog: Tesla close to new delivery record for second quarter despite Corona problems

As usual, Tesla’s hectic pace broke out at the end of the quarter. You can recognize her from a multitude of transporter sightings full of Model 3 near the electric car factory Fremont, delivery dates postponed at short notice and last but not least an email from CEO Elon Musk from this week in which he confirms that there is a lot of work focused on the last days of the quarter. Because of the previous corona virus disorders, analysts still don’t believe Tesla can deliver more electric cars this quarter than a year ago. But according to a blog, the company is actually close to it.

50,000 Teslas delivered in June?

Tesla and Musk have surprised observers several times because the delivery figures have increased significantly due to final spurts in the past few days. Even in the first quarter of this year, Tesla exceeded the previous year’s value and was able to make a profit (also thanks to income from the sale of CO2 credits). However, the comparative figure from Q1 2019 was still relatively low – while there are now over 95,000 Model 3, Model S and Model X models delivered in the second quarter of 2019.

According to the Electrek blog, stock market analysts currently expect only 60,000 to 70,000 Teslas to be delivered from April to June 2020, which would be a decrease of around 25 percent. However, it can be learned from informed circles that the Tesla numbers will be “significantly higher than expected”. The result from the previous year’s quarter is achievable and may even be exceeded. In June alone, Tesla had delivered more than 50,000 vehicles in North America so far, with another 10,000 on the way to their customers.

There are certain delays due to additional virus protection measures in the transport chain, writes Electrek. But instead of simply doing the delivery later, Tesla seems to be handing over electric cars to more accessible customers instead: Tesla customers, who were offered short-term delivery before the end of June, reported on social media. At the same time, CEO Musk apologized on Twitter that many delivery dates had been postponed and said the current situation was “crazy”.

Tesla boss asked for full commitment

The solution to the logistics problems has been declared the top priority for top management at Tesla, reports Electrek. This could also be seen in a previously published email from Musk, in which he admitted that Tesla’s quarterly ends are hectic and asked for the highest level of commitment in the last days of June. This was very important for the company, the Tesla boss emphasized twice without explaining the particular importance of full commitment in this quarter.


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