Bloomberg: Nintendo Switch will be produced up to 30 million times this fiscal year

The mostly well-informed Takashi Mochizuki has once again written an interesting report on Nintendo Switch for Bloomberg. This time it’s about the increased demand for Nintendo Switch. Now Nintendo is apparently planning to produce up to 30 million units of the hybrid console in the fiscal year ending March 2021. The demand is currently being driven by Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the corona pandemic.

According to Mochizuki, the ordered production volume of Nintendo Switch is said to have increased to 25 million in August, but this is still not enough. In April it was also planned to have 22 million switch consoles in the fourth year of life. In the course of the year Nintendo also had to struggle with significant delivery bottlenecks, which have now been resolved.

Nintendo Switch soon with 4K?

As early as August, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo would also bring an improved Switch model onto the market next year. The improved switch should go straight to the start with suitable software. The goal: to counter Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles with something exciting. Now Mochizuki adds in the new report with the comment that third-party software manufacturers have been asked by Nintendo to prepare their games for 4K resolution. An indication of the direction in which the new switch model could go, which of course has not yet been officially confirmed.

via Bloomberg, Gematsu, images: Nintendo


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