Bluetooth hands-free car kits: 8 devices tested (2020)

Selected products in tabular overview

test winner


EUR 41.50

1.3 (very good)

Soaiy S-61

EUR 39.95

1.5 (good)

Hama Hands Free Car Kit

EUR 24.95

1.9 (good)

Designated BK06

29.99 EUR

2.2 (good)


Value for money

Value for money

Aigoss Car Bluetooth 4.2

19.99 EUR

2.9 (satisfactory)

Motorola Sonic Rider

29.99 EUR

3.2 (satisfactory)

Jabra Drive

24.99 EUR

4.2 (satisfactory)

Vingo hands free kit

14.99 EUR

4.5 (poor)

A Bluetooth hands-free system in the car allows you to make calls while driving without having to pick up your cell phone. Because that is not only dangerous, but also expensive: A fine of at least 100 euros and a point in Flensburg are due if you are caught using the phone. Also at red traffic lights or in the traffic jam the mobile phone must not be held in the hand. But not every car has a modern multimedia system that allows smartphones to be paired with Bluetooth. There are Bluetooth hands-free kits for retrofitting. AUTO BILD tested eight current models between 15 and 41 euros.

Test winner in the hands-free kit comparison: Callstel

Handsfree Callstel
  • good sound
  • High processing quality
  • Modern design

Price €41.50

The Callstel does the best job in the test of Bluetooth hands-free kits for retrofitting. In the test field, it stands out above all due to its modern look and high-quality workmanship. But the device can also score in its core competency, hands-free calling. There is also support for language assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri. In the test, the Callstel achieved 65 out of 70 points and received a grade of 1.3 (very good).

Price-performance winner Aigoss car Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free kit

Aigoss Car Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free kit

Car Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free kit


Car Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free kit

  • good sound quality
  • great magnetic mount
  • SD card slot
  • slight echo at high volume
  • low processing quality

Price €19.99

The hands-free device from Aigoss convinces with a good sound quality. A slight echo is a bit annoying, but it only occurs at high volume. The slightly lower processing quality is offset by the low price. There is even a great magnet holder and a slot for SD cards. In the test, the Aigoss car Bluetooth 4.2 hands-free kit achieved 48 out of 70 points and received a grade of 2.9 (satisfactory).

How AUTO BILD tested it

The speakerphones are used in the car, so it was clear that they had to prove their qualities here as well. The tests were carried out on a fixed route at a constant speed, once at 50 and once at 100 km/h with various test calls. In addition, the operation of the devices and the sound of music playback while driving and when stationary were checked. Other criteria: the attachment, look and feel, and other functions.

Bluetooth hands-free speaker test (2020)

Which is the best BT speakerphone?

The test results at a glance

The retrofit hands-free kits are small Bluetooth boxes with a microphone that are simply clipped onto the sun visor. They are not only suitable for making phone calls – they can also play music and GPS announcements from the cell phone. Great: The control even works without pressing a button voice control with Siri or Google Assistant. Some devices, such as the test winner Callstel or the Soaiy S-61, even have their own commands with which, for example, a call can be accepted or rejected without using the cell phone’s data volume.

Bluetooth hands-free test

With these devices, telephoning while driving is permitted.

Particularly important with BT hands-free devices: they must not distract the driver. Otherwise, they pose the same danger as the mobile phone at the wheel. Operation should therefore be as intuitive as possible without taking the driver’s gaze off the road. Almost all tested products met this criterion. Only the Jabra Drive was a little out of the ordinary: the volume buttons could not be operated, the microphone was unintentionally muted, so the call had to be terminated. Equally important for smooth use: the quality of the call. Because the Bluetooth hands-free system only really serves its purpose if the caller and the other party understand each other well. Almost all devices have noise suppression, which had to prove itself with the loud roaring three-cylinder diesel of our test car. Only the cheapest candidate from Vingo does not have this. This leads to extremely poor sound quality at the other end. In addition, there is an annoying echo, which also gives the Jabra Drive deductions in terms of sound quality.

Positioning in the car is particularly important: the hands-free system must be easily accessible, but must not restrict the driver’s field of vision. The devices from the AUTO BILD test are all provided with a clip with which they are simply attached to the sun visor.

Conclusion on the test of BT hands-free speakers

Almost all Bluetooth car kits do a solid job. They are easy to use, and the caller and other party can talk to each other without any problems. But you shouldn’t expect much more from the small devices. Even if they can play music, they do not replace a sound system with their comparatively flat sound.

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