Bluetooth speakers: JBL Link 20 for only 80 euros on offer


Which device do we use most in our home? After the coffee machine (and maybe the cell phone) that is clearly our Bluetooth speaker. We hear podcasts, songs and audiobooks (hi, Audible! *). And because our model is a smart speaker, we can also ask him about the weather forecast for the next few days …

You want that too? You can too. Because we have just discovered a speaker deal on the net that you do not want to miss. The Link 20 Bluetooth speaker from the renowned JBL brand is now almost 50 percent cheaper. *

Where you see the Link 20 from JBL now
can buy cheap

With just under 110.00 euros, the smart Bluetooth speaker is currently the cheapest on Ebay, according to Idealo *. But we have discovered an even better price for it. For the JBL Link 20 at Cyberport you only pay a mere 79.90 euros * – around 30.00 euros less than on eBay.

The Cyberport offer * sounds even better if you look at the homepage of the manufacturer JBL. There, a proud 171.00 euros are still required for the Link 20, which corresponds to an additional cost of almost 100.00 euros. In other stores, however, the Bluetooth speaker is not quite as expensive. On average, you still have to spend almost double (around 140.00 euros). That’s why we celebrate Cyberport’s savings offer so much.

What is the JBL Link 20 good for?


The JBL loudspeaker is not only convincing with its price. Its technical properties are also quite impressive. So it offers crystal clear and space-filling stereo sound. It can be connected to Bluetooth and WiFi and you can set it up and operate it super easily via the Google Home app. In addition, the Google Assistant is already integrated in the Link 20 *, so that you can let the speaker work for you via the hands-free function for voice control.

Other factors that speak for the Link 20 from JBL? It is waterproof and therefore protected from rain or spilled drinks, has a battery life of up to ten hours and is super portable and light, so that you can use it on the go in the park or at the lake (but please not too loud, no one likes people who play too loud music in public).


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