BMW 225xe Active Tourer / Mercedes B 250 e: Plug-in hybrids tested

Mercedes and BMW in a plug-in duel

As a plug-in, the Mercedes B 250 e meets the BMW 225xe Active Tourer. Which hybrid high seat delivers clean in the How To Cars comparison?

1st place with 540 out of 800 points: Mercedes B 250 e. Great space, superior MBUX, sensitive rolling, more economical than the 2. Drive somewhat boomy under load. Price from 37,664 euros.

2nd place with 517 out of 800 points: BMW 225xe. Cultivated three-cylinder, good interaction between engine and transmission. Negative: nervous steering, no trailer operation possible. Price: from 39,950 euros (savings at up to 11,330 euros).
Call a Mercedes from a standing start for the more mature age. B class, logical. And at BMW? 2 Series Active Tourer, clear. The picture sits as deep as the surcharge lists of both manufacturers are long. An image that deals with environmentally conscious hybrid cement under the hood. Or not? It’s been two years since BMW launched the 225xe Active Tourer introduced its little hybrid. Okay, rather medium-sized and full 224 hp System performance turns the Saubermann into GTI fighter.

The B-Class uses the little brother’s hybrid system

Mercedes B-Class (2019): crash test – Euro NCAP – safety – information

Mercedes B-Class in the crash test

This spring, the star from Stuttgart is finally striking back. With the B 250 e. The B-Class gets the one registered by the A-Class brother Plug-in hybrid. The four-cylinder with 1.33 liters and 160 HP a 102 HP electric motor put aside. The system performance of 218 hp is enough to easily remove any pensioner image from the airy interior to shake. There is also not enough space in the BMW. With a good overview, ideal entry and huge interiors, the B-Class and Active Tourer are the ones Compact class dance halls. Too bad that at least the Benz no successor should get. Mercedes needs space for more fashionable SUVs. But the B-Class presented in 2018 is still young and vital. An advantage they are mercilessly against six year old active tourer plays out.

Used car search: Mercedes B 250

When it comes to everyday use, the Active Tourer is behind

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

There is no towbar for the BMW, bicycles have to be on the roof or in the trunk.

Although only six and a half inches longer, the Benz knocks out a few more millimeters more than the 2 in almost every measurement, giving passengers plenty of generosity. The crew enjoys especially in row two ample head and leg room. But he also does the front in comparison tighter cut BMW no stitch. Rattling is foreign to both, everything has been carefully and carefully assembled here. In the Material selection it’s again the Benz pulling away. The same goes for the trunk, which also thanks lower loading sill is also better to equip. If you want to piggyback the bike in an environmentally conscious way, make one with the Active Tourer trailer hitch BMW offers neither for money nor for good words for the hybrid. Against the (surcharge) MBUX operating system No herb has grown from Mercedes at the moment. Although both systems have navigation systems with real-time traffic, the Benz system is clearly ahead in terms of voice recognition. Because the BMW also Android phones ignored, the chapter goes confidently to Stuttgart.

Used car search: BMW 225 Active Tourer

A clear distribution of roles is also expected with regard to the technical data for the drive. Four-cylinder and eight-speed DCT against the B-Class three pots and six courses with the 2. But at BMW, in traditional parade discipline, it’s not so easy to take butter from bread. And that’s how he fights 225xe like a lion on the test track, undercut with 6.6 seconds at 100 km / h not just the factory specification, but even the Benz.

The electric motor and combustion engine work better together at BMW

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Mercedes B-Class

Better: the drive unit of the BMW does its job much more easily than that of the Mercedes.

Only then does he win better aerodynamics and matching gear connections again the upper hand, shoots up and away at the top speed with a whopping 21 km / h. But even in normal everyday tangle, it convinces finer tuning of the BMW. It can be dosed better, reacts more sensitive and sensitive on gas orders. While the Benz is just waking up from deep sleep, hectically muddled between the speed levels, the 2 Series already has the right gear ready with the sovereignty of a British butler. After that, thanks 4WD continue harmoniously and with perfect traction. Because the electric motor only delivers its power to the rear wheels, it blows in under power Touch of five through the 2 – with a little benevolence. Also because he always maintains the load even under load and never takes his tone. No comparison to B classthat their strength impetuously sends to the front wheels and hpawing ilflessly leaves. Always accompanied by pushy turbo howl. But even when moved normally, the four-cylinder runs a little more restlessly and harder than the BMW. The measured values ​​confirm the impression.

The conclusion: Almost silently in the city, a lot of pressure on the highway. The electric motors help with comfort rather than consumption. They are too heavy for that. In the end, the modern B-Class wins clearly, with hardly any weaknesses. The experienced BMW is still a good buy. There are more details about the test in the picture gallery.


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