BMW 520i: rust-free six-cylinder E34 in excellent condition on eBay

bmwLover to know: “joy at the Drive“is more than an advertising slogan. Bayern have it with them poll engine, transmission and chassis out. Then work one more Inline six-cylinder under the hood, happiness is for the dynamic driver nearly perfect. The proverbial cherry on the cream are the stylish ones limousinesDresseswho has the BMW 3, 5 and 7 series tailored.
If you feel that way, you should definitely read on. Namely, on eBay there is just one bmw 520i the series E34 offered for sale. It is a Hand switch With 150 hp of the year 1991. On the speedometer are manageable 72,100 kilometers. the MOT is according to the information all New. Price: 8950 euros. An interesting young or oldtimer?
eBay BMW 520i

The color titian red is a matter of taste. It should be noted, however, that the BMW looks very neat.

5 Series BMW 5 Series with the prerequisites for a dream classic

If you go after the description, the BMW might have some qualities one dreamClassic bring along. The car was 1991 in the north of Hamburg New bought. This First owner came into the 1930syears on the world. That can open two things indicate: Firstly, the lady has her BMW at best gently treated and didn’t cold turn it into the red. Second, there is a chance that the 520i orderly waited would.
eBay BMW 520i

The condition of the BMW appears exceptionally good. Not even the seat bolsters show signs of wear.

The first owner drove the car 25th years long. That should be at least a big part of it story reproducible do. the mileage is for 30 years not especially high. the MOTtest the BMW apparently just got it successful put behind him. That’s it roadworthy and can by the new owner problem-free Registered will. What is particularly striking about the description in the ad is that the seller sold the car as a rustproof and Well groomed describes. engine and transmission work, same goes for sunroof. only the central locking system apparently has a small one Quirk: She closes the passenger door not automatically with.
eBay BMW 520i

The two-liter six-cylinder under the hood of the BMW has an output of 150 hp. He needs speed.

You should check that on the BMW 5 Series E34 before buying

Anyone interested in the advertised 520i inspire can, looks like everyone used Motor vehicle best before you buy it. It starts with the standards: How lots previous owner there was? Lies a stamped Checkbook before? Witnesses workshop invoices of the care given to the car? Do they agree? declarations of the seller? what a impression does the car up close?
Then follows Test drive. Above all, should Sounds from direction of axes be respected. For example, the ball heads and rubber bushings at the front axle of an E34 on your knees. This is not a drama and can be fixed by a good screwdriver, but it means extra effort, which can be reflected in price negotiations.

The water pump of the 520i can make bitches

A relatively prominent one E34weak spot does not apply to the car offered. the automatic transmission are considered not unusual stable. But here is a manual gearbox on board. the water pump of 520i can make a fuss. That’s because that plasticfan wheel with time brittle and can fall off the wave. If that happens, he can engine overheat. If you want to be on the safe side, check it out specified mileage in the Checkbook or with the help of comparable sources. the odometer of the E34 works electronic and can at least theoretically manipulated will.

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