BMW Alpina D3 S (2020): Alpina donates a diesel to the M3!

Diesel M3 from Alpina

If there is no BMW Diesel M3, Alpina does just that. The result is 355 hp. AUTO BILD has the information!

WIf BMW brought a Diesel M3, it would be like the D3 S! Alpina grabbed the 3 Series as the M340d and trimmed it for sports. The centerpiece is the three-liter inline six-cylinder with bi-turbocharging. From the Alpina tickles 355 hp and 730 Nm, which are transmitted to all four wheels via eight-speed automatic. The D3 S runs as a sedan at 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, the touring takes 4.8 seconds. Only at 273 km / h (or 270 km / h when touring) is the end. And: The D3 S is the first mild hybrid at Alpina. The BMW system with 48-volt starter generator should ensure that the car reacts to the accelerator pedal much more spontaneously, especially at low engine speeds. Of course, the system also ensures lower consumption. According to the data sheet, this is 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers. In order to minimize nitrogen oxides, the D3 S also has an oxidation catalytic converter, an SCR coating in the particle filter and two SCR cats with AdBlue injection on board.

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Special Alpina chassis

Back to the actual Alpina hobbyhorse: the performance. Thanks to the special sports suspension, the diesel 3 Series should always shine with balance and stability, even when driving sportily. That was taken over by the gasoline brother B3, which was over 300 km / h. In terms of hardware, this means: Eibach springs, additional springs and specially coordinated stabilizers. Three characteristic curves can be set electronically so that the car rolls particularly smoothly or provides lateral dynamics. The same also applies to the variable sports steering and automatic. In keeping with the sporty demands of the D3 S, the all-wheel drive system xDrive on the Alpina is also designed with emphasis on the rear.

Rims save 14 kilos

Diesel M3 from Alpina

The brake system of the petrol brother B3 is hidden behind the blue brake calipers.

Visually, the Alpina 3 Series can easily be recognized by the typical front spoiler with Alpina lettering and the four oval tailpipes in the special diffuser. The same brake system as the B3 is hidden behind the blue painted brake calipers with white Alpina lettering. Four-piston fixed calipers with 395-millimeter brake discs at the front and floating calipers with 345-millimeter brake discs at the rear are standard. For a surcharge, there is also a high-performance brake system with perforated lightweight discs and special pads that can withstand higher temperatures. The car is also available for a surcharge on special cast wheels, which are available in two designs in 19 or 20 inches. But they not only ensure the right appearance, they also save 14 kilos in weight.

Sports seats and steering wheel as standard

Diesel M3 from Alpina

The hand-sewn leather steering wheel and the sports seats, some of which are covered with Alcantara, are standard.

In the interior it is digital cockpit in Alpina design with red pointer on a blue background designed, there are also special customizable views. In addition to Alpina emblems in the backrests of the sports seats and floor mats, a hand-sewn leather sports steering wheel is also standard. In addition, the Live Cockpit Connected Drive infotainment system, Active Guard Plus driver assistance systems and the parking assistant are on board from the factory.

Market launch and price

The Alpina D3 S is now available for order, the first vehicles should be in the November 2020 be delivered. And the prices are already fixed. As a limousine there is the diesel 3 Series from 70,500 euros, the touring costs at least 71,900 euros.

Technical specifications

Alpina D3 S • Engine: straight six-cylinder diesel • Displacement: 2993 cm³ • Power: 261 kW (355 hp) • Maximum torque: 730 Nm • Transmission: eight-speed automatic sports with Alpina Switch-Tronic • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 4.6 s (sedan); 4.7 s (touring) • Top speed: 273 km / h (sedan); 270 km / h (touring) • Trailer load: 1800 kg braked; 750 kg unbraked • Consumption (WLTP): 7.6 l / 100 km • CO2 emissions (WLTP): 199 g / km • Emission class: Euro 6d-ISC-FCM • Price from: 70,500 euros (limousine); 71,900 euros (touring).


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