BMW Alpina D3 S Touring in the AUTO BILD podcast

One car, two editors: The AUTO BILD podcast can be summarized as easily as that. The editors Peter Fischer and Jan Götze test a not always everyday car and then go into detail. Do you like that design? How good is the processing? What did you notice while driving?

In addition to important aspects such as design, technology, processing quality and driving performance, completely subjective points are also discussed. How is the image of the car? What will Peter and Jan remember for a long time? What might have been annoying? And, most importantly, who should actually buy this car? There are answers to all these questions and more every Wednesday in the AUTO BILD podcast “First drive, then talk”.

Episode 38: BMW Alpina D3 S Touring

A car for gourmets. At first glance, the BMW Alpina D3 S looks like an ordinary BMW 3 Series. But it isn’t, because it has many fine details and even its own Alpina chassis number. You can hear what Jan and Peter experienced with the 355 hp power diesel, what makes the Alpina so special and how people reacted to the noble station wagon in the latest episode of “First drive, then talk”. From June 22 at 4 p.m. wherever there are podcasts – and of course here at AUTO BILD!

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