BMW Alpina XB7: Alpina gives the XB7 over 600 PS!

Alpina gives the BMW X7 621 hp

Edeltuner Alpina transforms the BMW X7 into the 621 hp XB7. That’s how fast the sports version of the fat BMW SUV is!

Edelta tuner Alpina now also takes care of the BMW X7 and makes a difference the luxury SUV a sports model. Since BMW is not launching an M variant of the large seven-seater on the market itself, Alpina is promoting large Bavaria to the XB7. The starting point for the Alpina XB7 is the BMW X7 M50i, whose V8 biturbo delivers 530 hp. The Alpina engineers raised the power of the eight-cylinder to 621 hp. The price list starts at 155,200 euros. The Alpina XB7 can be ordered now, and the first copies will be delivered in December 2020.

The XB7 is immediately recognizable that this SUV is no longer an ordinary BMW. The tuner listed as a separate manufacturer has the X7 optically trimmed to sporty and elegant. As is common with Alpina, serves as The basis for the look is the BMW “Luxury Line” equipment package.

A proper exhaust system with four tailpipes

Alpina refines the BMW X7

At the rear, the Sport-X7 has an Alpina apron with a diffuser and four tailpipes.

The Alpina designers have given the package a subtle portion of the racetrackenlarged air intakes and a spoiler lip with Alpina lettering. Both leave the XB7 visually fuller on the road. The typical Alpina rims stand out on the side. Cast iron wheels of 21 inches are fitted as standard, and the typical ones are optional “Alpina Classic” forged wheels available. The XB7 grows to 23 inches for the first time. At the rear, the tuner provides the SUV with an independent sports apron with diffuser and an elegant exhaust system with four tailpipes.

Lounge character in the large-scale athlete

Alpina refines the BMW X7

Leather wherever you look: Alpina has also revamped the X7 on the inside.

Alpina has also redesigned the interior of the XB7 and upgraded it to the series X7. The Alpina-X7 comes as standard extended Merino leather interior in four possible colors. Comfort seats, seat heating for all three rows of seats and a headlining made of Alcantara are already an integral part of the basic equipment. Details like the steering wheel baffle and the iDrive controllers in the center console bear the Alpina brand logo. The view of the fully digital instrument cluster has also been adapted to the Alpina design and now allows more configuration options. If you want to bring a lot of luxury into the XB7, you can opt for the “Lavalina” leather interior, which costs over 11,000 euros.

Air suspension ensures less ground clearance

Alpina refines the BMW X7

The iDrive controller has an Alpina logo in the XB7.

To improve the road holding of the BMW X7, Alpina donated the XB7 Sports suspension with two-axle air suspension and active roll stabilization. With that, the Bayer can be up to Bring 40 millimeters closer to the asphalt, which shifts the center of gravity further downwards – the M50i only allows 20 millimeters. For increased body rigidity, a Dome end wall strut also reinforced torsion struts in the underbody area installed. The eight-speed sports automatic transmission from ZF, which was already standard on the BMW X7, was refined again by Alpina, the Switching times have been adjusted. This is how the gearbox is supposed to meet the increased torque requirements of the XB7. The rear axle also steers so that the XB7 can be moved with agility despite its size. Thanks to the “developed by supplier ZFActive Kinematics Control “steering angles of up to 2.4 degrees are possible.

More power for the large eight-cylinder

Alpina refines the BMW X7

Powerhouse: Alpina strengthens the four-liter BMW V8 to 621 hp.

In the best Alpina manner, the performance of the XB7 also increases compared to the BMW model. The four-liter V8 biturbo is gaining strength 621 hp and delivers a maximum torque of 800 Nm. As usual from Alpina, larger turbos and improved cooling management make the engine more efficient. It goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds in spite of an empty weight of 2.7 tons. The XB7 only ends at a top speed of 290 km / h.


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