BMW and Ford invest in solid batteries

Lithium-ion battery

Volta Energy Technologies, Ford and BMW have just completed a € 130 million investment round to boost the production of solid electrolyte lithium cells.

This windfall will allow Solid Power to release multilayer semiconductor batteries from 2022. It has therefore developed a manufacturing process that uses standard automated lines already in service to obtain conventional lithium-ion models.

This approach accumulates the benefits. Thus, the relatively rapid provision of high energy density cells at a particularly low cost. This is why BMW and Ford are so interested in it, forging closer strategic agreements with Solid Power.

These solid electrolyte cells are a key element in developing future models of relatively affordable, long-range electric cars.

Head of Ford’s electrification subsystem research, Ted Miller identified other strengths by leveraging Solid Power stabilized technology. So, ” improve interior space and cargo volume ” cars.

For BMW, this new step is the realization of work carried out jointly with the battery manufacturer. Together they have succeeded in developing 20 Ah semiconductor cells.

The 2 manufacturers will receive large-scale 100 Ah models from Solid Power to be integrated, tested and qualified from 2022. ” A first demonstration vehicle featuring this technology will be on the road well before 2025 », Assures BMW.

Solid-state battery vs conventional lithium-ion


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