BMW CE 04 in the everyday test (2): it’s great for the city

If BMW Motorrad has its way, the scooter of the future is called the BMW CE 04. The name stands for the new, up to 42 hp, large electric scooter from Bavaria with a maximum range of 130 kilometers (WMTC standard). Cost point: from 11,990 euros. The successor to the C Evolution is designed for urban areas and is intended to be the perfect companion for commuters.
Reason enough for AUTO BILD to put the unique device to the test in a four-week everyday test: How does the BMW CE 04 cope with the daily demands of four different drivers? Where are the strengths, where are the weaknesses? What do the testers involved notice positively? What you do not like?

The driver profile of tester Florian Kieling

Tester number two is called Florian Kieling. He lives in Hamburg-Bergedorf and drives 22 kilometers to the office. When it comes to sports, a range of at least seven kilometers is sucked out of the battery. In his free time, Kieling likes to cruise with his Honda Shadow.

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BMW CE 04 - everyday test

The BMW CE 04 fits perfectly into the city. You can drive sparingly and still have a lot of fun.

That’s what I like about the BMW CE 04

I find that the BMW CE 04 is excellent for everyday city driving. With the Eco driving mode, you can get pretty far. A range of 120 kilometers is possible. And you don’t have to make any real compromises when it comes to liveliness when driving economically.
It’s wonderful how easily and precisely the electric BMW corners. I’m pointing it out when I say that you only have to think about the next slope and the CE 04 is already there, of course. But I like the image to emphasize the intuitive ease of driving.

The recuperation of the electric drive fits into everyday life

You have to get used to the recuperation of the electric drive. But it can be easily integrated into everyday driving. If you are on the road with a bit of sensitivity, at some point you no longer have to brake when approaching the traffic lights and instead increase the range.
BMW CE 04 - everyday test

The display is one point where the CE 04 shines. You can read it easily in any situation.

I would describe the display as a major highlight of the BMW CE 04. It is easy to read regardless of the incidence of light and even with sunglasses. The menu navigation seems logical and very well thought out to me. Even non-BMW connoisseurs can quickly find their way around.
Luggage racks and top cases are available as accessories. And the whirring of the electric motor catches your ear unexpectedly quickly.
BMW CE 04 - everyday test
For people with short legs, the standard height of the seat can be a bit of a challenge.

I don’t like that about the BMW CE 04

My legs are not that long. That’s why I find the seat of the CE 04 to be a bit too high. Putting both feet completely on the ground at the traffic light is a challenge for me. In addition, the bench could be padded a little softer for my taste.
There is no lighting in the compartment with the charging connection below the handlebars. As a result, plugging in the charging cable in the dark can become fumbling. Another compartment, another question mark: either a helmet or the charging cable fits into the helmet compartment under the seat. There is not enough space for both. Pity! Because there is no helmet lock outside the compartment.
BMW CE 04 - everyday test

With a little more range, the BMW would not only be suitable for the city, but also for relaxed excursions.

A little more range would set the BMW apart from other scooters

The range of the CE 04 is sufficient for journeys in urban areas. But if I have to spend almost 12,000 euros on a two-wheeler, I want to do more than commute. This is where the BMW reaches its limits. Above all, with the – let’s say – not yet optimal charging infrastructure everywhere. The latter is not BMW’s fault. But with a real range of 200 kilometers at country road speed, the BMW would not only be suitable for excursions. It would clearly outshine smaller, cheaper e-scooters that you can also drive in the city.

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