BMW Concept XM (2022): Outlook on BMW’s super SUV

In November 2021, BMW M GmbH is showing a concept car that indicates an electrified super SUV with an M badge. It remains to be seen whether the name “XM” remains for the production model or an “8” is squeezed between X and M in the name abbreviation. Basically, the information situation is still very thin.


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What is certain is that the study is one Outlook on the new brand design in the luxury class at BMW should give. Since there is talk of a “unique X (model)”, it seems reasonable to assume that a later production vehicle could only be offered as an M version.

The new super SUV is likely to have significantly more than 700 hp

If the SUV was only available as an M model, that would be it first completely independent model of the BMW sports department after the BMW M1 (1978 to 1981). And: Even the first teaser picture of the study, which BMW posted on Instagram and Facebook, leaves no doubt about the enormous external impact of this SUV. The gigantic, illuminated kidneys are easy to seeframed by tiny, serrated spotlights. Despite the darkened picture, it can already be said that BMW has taken the giant kidneys of current models criticized by many to the extreme with the Concept XM.

BMW X8 M (2021): New presentation – Hybrid – M – sketch

The X8 could herald a new brand face for BMW SUVs

As with the current M3 and M4, the air intakes grow optically out of the angular apron and the bonnet. A can under the sheet Hybrid powertrain (V8 plus electric motor) are suspected, according to rumors significantly more than 700 hp could afford. We will soon find out more details about the Concept XM, because the study should already be will be shown in full on November 29, 2021. AUTO BILD does not expect the production version of the M-SUV before the end of 2022. The price of the giant SUV is likely to be almost 200,000 euros.

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