BMW Group presents futuristic concept electric car

The Mini Vision Urbanaut

The Mini Vision Urbanaut

BMW Group

The BMW Group has presented a new car: the Mini Vision Urbanaut.

The electric concept vehicle is packed with futuristic and imaginative elements; from changing interior layouts to a dashboard that can turn into a lounger when parking.

The entire interior of the vehicle is reminiscent of a bright living room with predetermined floor plans, furniture and even a plant. There is also space to sit on the floor with the sliding door open.

“With the MINI Vision Urbanaut, we are expanding private space into public space, creating completely new and enriching experiences,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, in the press release in which the concept vehicle was announced.

With the Mini from BMW, a futuristic concept electric car was created

The article first appeared here and has been translated from English.


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