BMW i3 batteries make Coldplay’s world tour sustainable

Not just electromobility, but also the topic sustainability wins in the Auto industry more and more important. When it comes to the environment, it goes alongside that Origin of electricity or that recycling of materials also to the reuse of e-car batteries in the so-called Second life. This means that the batteries are stored as stationary energy storage for example serve for factories or residential buildings.

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Tried since 2013 BMWto give old batteries a new chance. Nine years later, these efforts are bearing particular fruit: More than 40 recyclable batteries from the BMW i3 for the power on the British band’s “Music of the Spheres World Tour 2022” Coldplay (“Higher Power”). Their use instead of fuel-powered electricity generators during the almost 40 live performances (including two each in Berlin and Frankfurt) the concert series is intended to be one of the most environmentally friendly tours in music history do. There is talk of a possible “blueprint for the entire live industry”.

First rechargeable show battery

It is powered by electricity all over the world first rechargeable show battery through a range of renewable sources. This includes besides Solar systems also electric bicycles and a kinetic stadium floor on which fans can hop to generate energy for the events. The novel electricity delivery is part of one extensive sustainability concept the Coldplay tour, which includes many other measures for a “green footprint”. “We are proud to work with BMW to develop the world’s first touring, rechargeable show battery that enables us to supply our concerts almost entirely with clean, renewable energy,” said Coldplay front man Chris Martin.

BMW i Vision Circular as a sustainability model

BMW wants to reduce CO2 emissions in the entire supply chain of a vehicle by 20 percent by 2030 compared to 2019. The salaries of the Munich-based board of directors will also be based on sustainability goals in the future.
BMW i Vision Circular

Recycled materials, no paint or chrome: just like with the i Vision Circular, BMW envisions the circular economy in 2040.

At the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich – on their own doorstep, so to speak – BMW had one with the i Vision Circular Vehicle study for the year 2040 presents that exclusively made up recyclable or already recycled materials was produced.

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