BMW i4 (2021): new electric BMW with up to 544 hp and all-wheel drive

Prices of the BMW i4 start below 60,000 euros

With the i4, BMW is bringing its first electric sedan onto the market – in the usual sporty design, with the interior from the electric SUV iX including a large curved display and a range of up to 590 kilometers. in the November 2021 the first copies should roll to the dealers. Prices start at 58,300 euros for the base, the 544 hp i4 M50 is available from 69,900 euros. But the subsidy for electric cars is still different.

Buy: BMW i4 can already be ordered with discounts

The BMW i4 will actually not roll to dealers until November 2021, but it can already be ordered from (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD). And there are even the first discounts: At BMW, the prices before deducting the current purchase premium for electric cars start at 58,300 euros, at Internet offers can currently save up to 15,439 euros (As of October 12, 2021). The environmental bonus is already included here.


Carwow BMW i4

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Optics: The BMW i4 will be an electric 4 Series Gran Coupé

BMW’s promise to stay as close as possible to the Concept i4 study with the production model can be described as being kept. the huge, closed double cardioid survived the leap into series production, as well as the basic design of the aprons and the type of air flow. As expected, the car is otherwise based on the 4 Series Gran Coupé, the new edition of which should be presented in 2021. The overhang at the front is slightly longer than in the study, but the production version retains the show car’s short rear overhang. At the rear, the i4 shows the ones known from the iX3 and iX Diffuser inserts in a new interpretation. Right from the start, there is also an M version that stands out thanks to its sportier aprons, an adaptive M chassis, variable sports steering, M sports brakes and wheels up to 20 inches in size.

BMW i4 M50

At the rear, the direct relationship with the conventional 4 Series is immediately recognizable.

The electric car comes with an optional trailer hitch

The center of gravity of the BMW i4 is 53 millimeters lower than that of the 3 Series – but with a curb weight of 2050 kilograms, the i4 is also significantly heavier. Interestingly, there is an electrically retractable and retractable trailer coupling for the sedan. Unlike other electric cars, the BMW can actually pull something away: it can hold up to 1.6 tons.

The dimensions at a glance:

● Length: 4785 mm
● Width: 1852 mm
● Height: 1448 mm
● Wheelbase: 2856 mm
● Luggage compartment: 470-1290 l
● Towable load: max. 1600 kg

Interior: The seating position leaves a lot to be desired

The interior comes up with a surprise during the seat rehearsal. Anyone who expects BMW to give the i4 a completely independent cockpit is wrong: So the electric four makes a quite conventional impression. Absolutely positive, because the usability of modern mid-range cars from Munich is simply excellent. Buttons where you need them and still modern infotainment. The highlight in the i4 cockpit is the large, curved display unit, which replaces the conventional screens from well-known BMW models and links up with its big brother iX. The two screens (10.4 “and 14.7”) clearly display instruments and infotainment content. The OS8 displays are new and allow individualization using graphic tiles.
BMW i4 M50

The battery in the floor and the coupé-like roof shape demand their place. Tall people feel cramped in the i4.

Regarding the traditional values: Since our photo vehicle is the sporty top version i4 M50, the rest of the interior is sporty. The thickly padded sports steering wheel and the sports seats feel like an M model. All the more irritating that tall people over 1.95 meters run the risk of bumping into the headliner when sitting straight – the seating position is not nearly as low as in a conventional BMW. Here the battery in the ground has a negative impact, and the i4 does not meet the demands of the Tesla Model 3 opponent in terms of space. Same game on the back seat. Average-sized people should be satisfied here even on the middle distance, but at 1.95 meters in height, AUTO BILD editor Peter Fischer is forced into a crooked posture. In addition, there is the cardan tunnel, which cannot change the feeling of space in a positive way.

Driving: The i4 is a bolide with travel qualities

Fire freely in the new BMW i4 M50 with 795 Newton meters of torque and 544 PS! Right foot down means: forward! And properly. Tempo 100 in under four (!) seconds the 2.3 ton four-door car runs into the invisible (electronically regulated) 225 km / h wall. Also excellent: The car is extremely quiet, only at speeds over 200 km / h does the wind really rustle around the pillars. At most, a basic rumble from the wheel arches proves that there are 255 mm tires rolling in 20-inch format.

BMW i4 M50

On the first trip, the BMW i4 M50 proves to be a powerful travel companion.

BMW has a specially designed for the i4 M50 special sound experience created. In sport mode, for example, the sound broadcast via the loudspeakers accompanies the movements of the accelerator pedal in a particularly full-bodied and grumpy manner – even during load changes or when coasting. A potent combustion engine could hardly be more present. the The power development of the two electric motors is typical for an electric car and befitting a BMW: absolutely seamless, pleasantly close, directly connected to the accelerator pedal, bestial if desired, and depending on the feeling in the right foot, can also be adjusted gently and finely. The i4 is primarily on the road with rear-wheel drive. Only a stronger pull on the chain causes the electronics to manage the forces in a more diverse way.

As a result, the BMW i4 first-class bond with the road – always, everywhere and steadfast. Still, he doesn’t do his job perfectly. The driving experience feels exciting, but also always artificial. The steering should reset more fully, the car should run over ruts less frightened, and sometimes be able to be directed with fingertips. Narrow streets, winding course, bumpy surface – then please keep tension.

Conclusion by Jan Horn: The BMW i4 M50 is not the precise racing machine despite its 544 hp. More like the massive bolide with fine travel qualities. BMW has also designed the electrical part excellently, but slightly exaggerated the operating concept.

Equipment: Sports seats and the matching steering wheel are standard in the BMW i4

BMW i4 M50

The highlight in the BMW i4 cockpit is the curved display.

The BMW i4 is designed to combine sportiness and comfort, accordingly acoustic glazing, sports seats and sports steering wheel are standard equipment. As is typical for an electric car, the vehicle can also be heated before the journey or cooled down using the air conditioning system. Seat heating and ventilation are unfortunately also subject to a surcharge, as is the glass sunroof or laser light. There are various optional measures to make the car appear sportier, such as an M carbon exterior package or M Performance Parts. Under the Assistance systems A front collision warning system, traffic sign recognition, a lane departure warning system and parking beeper as well as a reversing camera are standard on board – around 40 in total. Semi-autonomous driving is also possible for a surcharge. This happens in the interaction of various electronic helpers – this includes the active cruise control and the steering and lane guidance assistant.

Technical data: BMW i4 has a range of up to 590 kilometers

At the market launch, the electric car will be available in two engine variants. The battery is the same for both: the gross energy content of the battery is 83.9 kWh, net it is 81.5 kWh. The weaker model, the i4 eDrive40, is driven by an electric motor on the rear axle – which performs 250 kW (340 PS) and 430 Nm and accelerates the car from zero to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds. The range is 590 kilometers according to WLTP.

BMW i4 eDrive40
The basic version comes with rear-wheel drive, while the M50 has four-wheel drive with two electric motors.

With the stronger i4 M50 the radius of action is naturally somewhat smaller, the electricity is sufficient for a maximum of 510 kilometers. In return, the car comes with an electric motor per axle; the bottom line is that the system brings it up 400 kW (544 PS) and 795 Nm (in boost mode). The top model completes the sprint to country road speed correspondingly faster (3.9 seconds). The battery can be charged with up to 200 kW. At a fast charging station, it only takes ten minutes to charge a range of 164 kilometers for the eDrive40 or 140 kilometers for the M50.

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