BMW i8: This is how much a sports car costs when leasing

After exactly 20,448 copies BMW launched the i8 hybrid sports car in the Summer 2020 set. And even if the i8 was not really a bestseller, it has made a significant contribution to the fact that BMW now has a large portfolio Electrical and Plug-in models has on offer. In 2014 the i8 was presented with a futuristic look and an elaborate carbon body. When it comes to the drive system, BMW went completely new ways. The sports car is designed as a plug-in hybrid and combines a small one 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo (231 hp) with one Electric motor. Initially the i8 so 362 hp, from summer 2018 there were 374 hp to disposal. The former The base new price was 126,000 euros. the cheapest used BMW i8 are currently starting at just over 50,000 euros, but in leasing there is the sports car even cheaper!
At (cooperation partner) one of the last built BMW i8 in private customer leasing offered. This is one Demonstration car with first registration June 2020 and virgin 9100 kilometers on the speedometer in the color combination “Sophisto gray brilliant effect” with “natural leather exclusive”. The 374 hp BMW i8 should be released every month 784.21 euros gross cost and that without a one-off special payment. The term is with 36 months indicated the Free kilometers be 10,000 a year. If you want more kilometers, the leasing partner should be contacted before signing the contract. Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison!)

BMW i8 with very good equipment

The demonstration car on offer is one of the last models to be built at the BMW plant in Leipzig, and it attracts one with one extensive equipment. The highlights include: 20-inch bi-color rims, display key, laser light, driving assistant, head-up display, Harman & Kardon sound system and much more. So equipped was the New price just over a year ago 156,150 euros. The hybrid sports car is now available for leasing for € 784.21 gross per month. Together with the one-off brokerage fee of 799 euros gross, this results in total leasing costs of 29,030.56 euros gross (784.21 euros times 36 plus 799 euros) for three years of i8 driving. Another advantage: the vehicle is available at short notice within two to eight weeks. Due to high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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