BMW innovations (2022, 2023 and 2025): BMW M4 CSL, XM and 5 Series

BMW wants to concentrate more on electric mobility: In 2023, the Munich-based company wants to offer at least one fully electric model in 90 percent of today’s market segments, By 2030, at least half of the BMW models sold worldwide should be electric cars. For this purpose, a new architecture designed for e-cars and newly developed drives and batteries are planned.

BMW is also focusing on sustainability and wants to build “the greenest car”. But they don’t want to say goodbye to the combustion engine completely yet, instead BMW is relying on a dual strategy. Probably also because it is not yet possible to estimate which drive concept customers will be asking for in the coming years.

These three models will be important for BMW in the coming years:

1. BMW XM – the second independent M model
With the Concpet XM, the BMW sports department has given a preview of its second independent model since the M1. In the form of a huge SUVs with a fancy angular design and extremely large kidneys. There is a pocket under the sheet metal Plug-in hybrid drive, consisting of a V8 and an electric motor. The system performance is included 750 PS, the maximum torque at 1000 Nm. The Concept XM should have a range of 80 kilometers purely electrically.
2. New BMW 5 Series – probably with a new double headlight face
The generation G60 / G61 will probably be presented in autumn 2023. The optics will probably be completely turned inside out; the new 5 Series should get a double headlight face. Of course, the 5 Series is again available in two body styles: as limousine and as Station wagon, which is mentioned at BMW Touring. Thanks to the modified CLAR platform, different types of drive are possible. To be expected are rather mildly electrified gasoline engines, plug-in hybrids with a long electric range and diesel with more efficient Exhaust aftertreatment.
3. BMW M3 Touring – the first M3 station wagon is finally being built
For the current generation, the Combined variant of the M3 approved for the first time by the boss’s floor and should not be presented until 2022 at the earliest. Thanks to a first teaser, we can look forward to one look forward to the massive rear apron with black diffuser, but the Touring is probably identical to the sedan up to the B-pillar. and also the engine and his power should stay the same: The three-liter in-line six-cylinder engine makes 480 PS and 510 respectively PS in the competition version.

In the regularly updated picture gallery, AUTO BILD shows which BMW innovations await us by 2023!

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New BMW (2022, 2023 and 2025)

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