BMW iX: test, electric SUV, price, range, battery, interior

A current BMW is a car to dream of. Noble, strong, classy. The new BMW iX is also a car to marvel at. We tested the techno bomber from Munich and our verdict was quickly: wow! How can you 2.6 tons empty weight catapult forward so effortlessly? How can such a generously dimensioned car flow so elegantly on the road? How can a electrically powered SUV come more than 600 kilometers? (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

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Speaking of which: you have to have come a long way to get an idea of ​​it for yourself. Under 98,000 euros (to the offer: savings at up to 10,770 euros) the iX is not available as xDrive50, another 8,000 euros are easily due for desirable equipment – this includes leather, the large panorama roof, the complete assistance systems and multimedia. But first back to the armament of the stately SUV castle. The iX moves effortlessly thanks to two powerful E-machines. These two engines (258 HP, 313 HP) are located in the bow and stern, each of which is interlocked with a gearbox Batteries with a total of 111 kWh energy content stuck under the floor in between. BMW has coupled all of this with powerful power electronics and clever recuperation logic. Power 765 Newton meters System torque respectively 523 hp Power.

BMW iX5 xDrive 50

Extremely fast: the 2.6-ton iX shoots to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds without traction problems. It only stops at 200 km / h.

The iX drives like a Rolls-Royce Phantom

A caress with the great uncle on Accelerator pedal – and sssst, the BMW shortens the distance to the finish at a rapid pace, literally leveling the inclines. Also the Road holding of the SUV is polished, the brakes work perfectly, the traction is infallible. But the typical driving pleasure BMW is not the electric steamer. Too wide in the track, too powerful when changing direction, too gross in the steering – the iX prefers to give the sublime glider, wants to be the velvety boulevard cruiser. Because he Incredibly subtle springs, absorbs any unevenness in the ground, thanks to the low center of gravity and rear-axle steering, it never hugs corners excitedly and runs extremely quietly. In any case, we can only refer to the Rolls-Royce Phantom remember, who murmurs in a similarly delicate manner.
BMW iX5 xDrive 50

The gigantic screen module in the BMW iX5 is impressive.

The interior matches this. Ultra-modern, finely arranged, plenty of (space) reserves – and the gigantic screen module is particularly impressive. Too bad: The operation, primarily via menus and the central touch screen, requires getting used to, understanding of the functions and a regular check on the tiles in the display. In short: this is hardly intuitive and distracts unnecessarily.

In terms of range, it fits the iX

At the back you sit on the main squares flat benches, also somehow slightly crooked, because from the outer side of the backrest into a twisted posture nudged. the Front seats could actually be even bigger, and they also seem a bit lost in the car. The typical BMW glove feeling, with which we always feel perfectly integrated into the car, unfortunately does not come about. But the upholstery of the multiple electrically adjustable front seats looks very comfortable and suitable for long distances. It has to be like that. Because, according to the factory, the iX can travel over 600 kilometers and, according to our calculations, still manages 415 kilometers.

BMW iX5 xDrive 50

Neat: In the test, the ix came 418 kilometers on one battery charge. The BMW does not manage the promised 600 kilometers.

The iX 50 needs on average 25.3 kWh per 100 kilometers. Just for the sake of completeness: With a “highly active” driving style – that is, at maximum acceleration and frequently regulated top of 200 km / h – the BMW sometimes pulls too much 30 kWh from the batteries. Incidentally, the sprint force decreases slightly, so the acceleration values ​​(0-100 km / h) deteriorate by a few tenths after the third attempt. In other words: Whoever savored the over 500 PS should be within an operating range of less than 300 kilometers to calm down.

One more thing on the subject of charging: The BMW can be listless on the Household plug sucking (for an incredible 54 hours for a complete charge!) or greedily at the CCS plug of a public one Fast charger tap. In the best case (200 kW) the iX 50 then draws in approx 34 minutes around 70 percent of its net battery capacity from the column. The wallbox at home (11 kW) takes around eleven hours if the iX is completely empty. That is usefully fixed – but nothing to dream about. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

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