BMW iX: With this luxury E-SUV, BMW attacks Tesla, VW and Co.

The new BMW iX.


Two years after the presentation of the iNext concept vehicle, BMW has now presented the fully electric luxury SUV for the first time as it should be at dealerships next November. The company’s new “technology flagship” is called iX and, in the words of CEO Oliver Zipse, “ushers in a new era at BMW”.

At the premiere on Wednesday, the iX was presented as the first premium vehicle with 5G cellular standard equipment. However, the driver cannot read the newspaper while driving: if he lets go of the steering wheel, he has to keep looking at the road. BMW postponed the original goal of allowing the car to drive autonomously according to the Level 3 standard for a few years. Because the lidar sensors installed today cannot look far enough ahead to drive completely independently and safely on the motorway.

At first glance, the iX resembles the X5: length and width are identical. A look under the hood is no longer possible because it is firmly screwed. Headlights and rear lights are extremely narrow, the steering wheel angular. “If the vehicle drives by itself and asks the driver to take the wheel again, that way he can see better what the steering is,” explained Franciscus van Meel, Head of the Rolls-Royce and BMW Luxury Class product line.

What else is the future of the Bavarian engine works hidden in the body, you can find out below:

This is the BMW iX

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