BMW iX xDrive50: test, electric SV, price, range, battery

Two hearts beat in my chest. That of the high-octane active car driver and that of the electronics-loving play child. Saw it like this BMW with the new electric model iX xDrive50 plenty of spectacle to offer. Two in a network up to 523 hp electric motors, All-wheel steering, variable chassis, adaptive steering, smart all-wheel drive and even Carbon as a body material, the stoker’s soul beckon in me. That (according to BMW) currently on strongest digitized Model, on the other hand, speaks directly to my inner researcher. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

With the operation of the electric BMW it doesn’t work right away

BMW iX xDrive50

Power pack: 523 hp and 765 Nm push the 2.6-tonner to 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds.

For example, the iX should be able to follow the vehicle in front particularly well in traffic jams, 5G networking brings speed to the infotainment system, and one Augmented reality display including video support, can even help you orientate yourself interactively. So good conditions for the first driving impression. AUTO BILD is at the start, the driver is buckled up – but the BMW can be asked. Because the new iDrive operating system based on the “BMW Operating System 8” requires a knowledgeable user. The operation does not have to be learned. She wants to be studied. Just whole few buttons in the center console, but voice, touch and controller inputs, more menus than ever, innumerable functions, Views, operating steps of the assistants, sub-functions of several driving modes – and all of this redundantly to the point of no longer possible. In addition, the Voice control a one hundred percent hit rate. Even if BMW meant well – you are often distracted, sometimes even frustrated.

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Reparation comes from the driving corner. The iX is a gigantic good one Travel travels. It rolls extremely quietly, even at high speeds. Tricks like a layer of foam inside the tire can help. The – built in the iX xDrive50 – works very well and with plenty of reserves. Air suspension. Thanks to the delicate surface and optimal consistency of the upholstery, we can make the seats (adjustment now via the door panel, as with Mercedes) clean Armchair qualities attest. The power development matches the driving impression. Whereby: it does not have to unfold. Rather hold back. The many Newton meters are simply always there.

Almost 2.6 tons heavy SUV accelerates calmly but relentlessly. In addition, the electronics regulate the interplay of forces between the front and rear electric motor in a telepathic manner – this kind of all wheel drive is probably the only true order 765 Newton meters Balancing it on the road without spilling. At the same time, the car can be dosed gently, creeps when maneuvering with the finest forward note, recuperated in selectable levels and naturally intelligent. Great: from push mode, the iX goes to work with jagged edges when the pedal is depressed.

The large battery should be good for a range of around 400 kilometers

BMW iX xDrive50

Less than promised: With a consumption of around 25 kWh, the iX can do around 400 kilometers.

We were able to use the very fine BMW driving machine in the iX however do not discover. Its steering portioned out too smoothly and with too much for this weight class low-tension resettingBesides, you have to concentrate on your car, which is both heavy and wide 22 inches maneuvering large wheels (1250 euros surcharge) over narrow country roads without correction. At the same time, you feel more seated on top of the car than poured into the body and seats.

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So off to the relaxed one Eco mode. Here the iX “drinks” unexpectedly little. Consumption just below 25 kWh are possible. That would be the promised 630 kilometers Range (with around 105 kWh net capacity of the batteries) not achievable. But good ones 400 kilometersr should create the SUV. The iX then taps particularly quickly from DC columns. The quick filling (0-80 percent) takes 39 minutes in the best case thanks to the possible 195 kW charging power. Pretty quick – but it should be enough to get used to the operation. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data BMW iX XDrive50 • Motor: two electric motors (front and rear) • Battery capacity: 105.2 kWh net • Power: 385 kW (523 PS) • Maximum torque: 765 Nm • Drive: all-wheel drive, 1-speed gearbox • Length / width / Height: 4953 / 1967–2203 / 1695 mm • Empty weight: 2585 kg • Luggage compartment: 500-1750 l • 0-100 km / h 4.6 s • Vmax: 200 km / h • Charging power: up to 195 kW • Consumption : 19.8 kWh / 100 km • Range (WLTP): up to 630 km • price from 98,000 euros.

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