BMW iX3: electric SUV put to the test

E-drive is sensitively tuned, range is (still) okay

With the fully electric BMW iX3 built in China, some things will be different. Better too? AUTO BILD does the test.

S.You’re running late at BMW. They were the very first, in 2013 with the electric i3. But now the cards have been redistributed, with the electric SUVs, for example, Audi has had the e-tron at the start since 2018, just like Jaguar the I-Pace. Mercedes has been supplying the EQC since 2019, with VW and Skoda ID.4 and Enyaq are in the starting blocks.
And the Munich? Come on with that now iX3. As Electric version of the X3, in addition to the variants with Otto, diesel and hybrid drives. So the customer has a choice.

For the first time, a BMW X3 is rolling off the assembly line in China

BMW iX3 (2020): New Presentation – Electric – SUV – Info

BMW brings the electric X3

BMW is doing it differently than others pure e-platforms. Well, not quite. At the end of 2021 he will come to one Electrical architecture standing iX. After all, the iX3 already has that latest generation of electrical engineering on board, this includes electric motors, power electronics and charging technology. The iX3 is built in the city of Shenyang in the cold northeast of China, also for export to us in Europe. BMW has never done that before, the X3 actually comes from Spartanburg in the USA. And it works quite well, the China-Mobil is neatly made. On the outside, the conversion into an electric vehicle is not noticeable, that Grill is closed, there were Aero finishing touches and a few blue accents. On board it looks like in any other X3, that too Space available remained unchanged, we measured that again.

When it comes to driving performance, the e-SUV is on a par with a combustion engine


Strong start: the iX3 completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in a lean 6.8 seconds.

© Christoph Börries / AUTO BILD

So it works Spacious at the front and back to. In the rear is, typically BMW, the Back seat relatively flat mounted above the ground. Only the trunk has lost – it is now swallowing 510 to 1560 liters instead of 550 to 1600 for the combustion engine. Sure, the compartment under the loading floor is now occupied. The one on the rear axle Electric motor supplies 286 hp and 400 Nm. In the test, the iX3 managed to sprint from zero to one hundred in 6.8 seconds. For comparison: the 252 hp X3 xDrive30i with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine took 6.5 seconds. The electric motor pulls in strongly and accelerates the iX3 briskly, but not cockily. What is striking is how fine it is Dosing performance leaves, the engine reacts sensitively to the “gas”. And that also applies to the well-functioning, in four levels of adjustable recuperation. With a little practice you get the driving with just one pedal smooth.

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It works particularly well in the city, where the iX3 whizzes with its quick response smooth through traffic. On the country road, it is handy, but not as agile as the well-known crisp X3. That prevent that high weight of 2.2 tons and one unusual for BMW standards smooth steering.

Motorway journeys reduce the range considerably


Under optimal conditions, the iX3 should be good for 458 kilometers. We only managed 306 in the test.

© Christoph Börries / AUTO BILD

It melts on the autobahn Range then like residual snow in the spring sun. The iX3 floats here up to about 160 km / h loosely, he seems increasingly tense. Limited will be at anyway Tempo 180. It stays that way on board remarkably quiet. So that it doesn’t get boring, they composed the “IconicSounds Electric” at BMW (series at Impressive). Hans Zimmer, the grand master of Hollywood sound art, had a hand in this. At the Accelerate and brake If desired, a dark, deep, powerful sound can be heard. Alphorn in the tunnel? Paul van Dyk in Berghain? Subway in Tokyo? Probably a mix of everything! Unusual, but not unsympathetic. For the 80 kWh battery gives BMW a range of 458 kilometers at. (Charge at home: € 900 allowance for wall boxes)

Oh well, in the test came the iX3 306 kilometers at a Consumption of 24.1 kWh / 100 km. It can be charged with up to 11 kW alternating current and up to 150 kW direct current. Really lavishly appointed iX3 test car is up from 71,800 euros in the list, minus 7,975 euros in funding. New paths also have their price. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

The bottom line: The X3 now has a large selection – the E version also works well. The iX3 has space, comfort and is pleasant to drive. The electric drive is sensitively tuned, and the range is (still) okay. AUTO BILD test grade: 2


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