BMW M2 G87 (2022): new M2 again with in-line six-cylinder!

With the M2 CS, which costs at least 95,000 euros, the Munich-based company recently put an absolute dream car on its lightweight wheels that doesn’t even have to hide from one or the other Porsche and is already being traded as a future classic. The limited M2 CS has the in-line six-cylinder S55 from the discontinued M4 F82 with 450 hp under the carbon hood, is only available with rear-wheel drive and, on request, with six-speed manual transmission.

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In addition, there are classic proportions without major design experiments. This is exactly how fans want a sporty BMW! Why all these details about the M2 CS? Quite simply because the next M2 will take on many of these attributes – and could be a great success!

BMW M2 with flared fenders and four real tailpipes

The new BMW 2 Series Coupé with the internal designation G42 will be presented in 2021. It will be the turn of the M2 G87 by 2022 at the latest. Of course, this also means that the coupé has long been in the development phase. Now they have How To Cars Erlkönigjäger the next M2 in the winter test Caught. Despite strong camouflage, they are classic coupé proportions – long hood, short stern – clearly visible. As befits a real M model, the fenders of the M2 are wide, just like on the predecessors M2 F87 and the legendary 1 Series M Coupé. At the rear, the top model can be recognized by the four-pipe exhaust. The fact that there are four real tailpipes and no fake covers is a matter of honor with the M2.
Erlkönig BMW M2

The all-important question is: Which kidneys will BMW choose for the M2?

Big or small kidneys on the M2 G87?

It gets interesting at the front. This is particularly well masked on the Erlkönig, so that no reliable statement can be made as to whether the M2 might have one M3 / M4 style front will go to the start. The much discussed “beaver kidney” should differentiate the M versions more from the normal models. However, there are leaked pictures from April 2020, which allegedly show the BMW 2 Series Coupé G42. This sharply drawn prototype has a wide double cardioid and large air inlets.

New BMW M2 with the S58 engine from M3 and M4

Whether small or large kidney, one thing should be certain: the new BMW M2 will come along again Driving pleasure guarantee! Since the M2 Competition, which is no longer available, already got 410 hp from the S55 in-line six-cylinder, the successor should add a few more hp. It is certain that the G87 will target the new S58 engine with three liter displacement from the recently presented M3 / M4. There it makes 480 hp in the normal version and 510 hp as a competition. Out of respect for the big brothers, the new M2 should drive up with a maximum of 450 hp. 420 HP in the series and 450 HP in the M2 Competition would also be conceivable.

This is how the AUTO BILD illustrator imagines the new generation of the BMW M2.

It is very likely that the M-DKG gearbox has had its day and BMW has switched to the familiar one for the new M2 Eight-speed ZF automatic puts. But don’t worry: it stays for purists Manual transmission as standard in the program. Whether the smaller and lighter M2 also comes with the All-wheel drive called xDrive is offered, may at least be doubted. In terms of driving dynamics, it could come too close to the M3 and M4 – and could simply become too expensive.

Price: The new M2 will be more expensive than its predecessor

When the new BMW M2 is at dealerships from 2022, it is likely to be a bit more expensive than its predecessor. It was last available as a 410 hp M2 Competition from around 62,500 euros. Presumably, the upcoming M2 should be around for a little while under 65,000 euros to be had.

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