BMW M240i on leasing: 374 hp for 385 euros net per month

The new BMW 2 Series Coupé (G42) is a real driving machine – especially as a provisional one Top model M240i xDrive. The well-known one provides propulsion Three-liter in-line six-cylinder (B58) with 374 hp and 500 Nm torque. That is four HP and 35 Nm more than the first M2 of the previous generation F22 sent to the rear wheels. In addition, the new one is equipped with xDrive all-wheel drive and the eight-speed automatic transmission as standard. It goes to 100 km / h in a very fast 4.3 seconds. In the first AUTO BILD test, the M240i scored with one outstanding overall package. The testers agreed: “The new M240i lies Driving dynamics on par with the first M2. It has more than enough power, a great chassis and a reliable automatic. BMW has set the bar pretty high for the upcoming M2. “Unfortunately, the price of the M240i is now also on par with the M2 M240i xDrive from 56,000 euros stand at the dealers. In leasing however, the Coupé is really cheap!
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) you can Commercial customers are currently leasing the BMW M240i xDrive Coupé for 420 euros net per month – and the without deposit. The contract period is 48 months with the usual 10,000 free kilometers per year. Upon request, the contract can also be based on 36 months can be shortened, reducing the monthly rate 470 euros net increases. If you want to drive more than 10,000 kilometers per year, you can simply book a larger kilometer package. For 48 months with 20,000 free kilometers per year, the monthly rate increases to 485 euros net (535 euros net for 36 months with 20,000 kilometers per year). But that’s not all. If the lessee is in possession of a third-party product, he can save an additional 35 euros net per month. In the best-case scenario, the M240i costs 385 euros net (420 euros minus 35 euros) with a 48-month term with 10,000 free kilometers per year. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

In addition, there is a one-time fee of 651.26 euros net (775 euros gross) for provision, which means that the Total leasing costs for four years Term on 19,131.26 euros net add up (385 euros times 48 plus 651.26 euros). A three-year leasing contract results in total leasing costs of 16,311.26 euros net (435 euros times 36 plus 651.26 euros).

Private lease BMW 240i xDrive for 48 months for 25,975 euros

But also Private customers do not go away empty-handed in this deal. With a runtime of 48 months and 10,000 kilometers per year, the 374 hp BMW costs 525 euros gross per month. With 20,000 free kilometers annually, it is 602 euros gross. Including transfer costs of one-time gross of 775 euros, this results in Total leasing costs of 25,975 euros gross (525 euros times 48 plus 775 euros). That corresponds to almost half of the new price of the BMW M240i xDrive Coupé. For everyone for whom the standard equipment is not enough, there is good news: Since the vehicles are freely configurable, the equipment can be adapted at an additional cost. The leasing partner specifies the non-binding delivery time as a comparatively short five months. Due to the high demand, the offer may no longer be available at short notice, according to You can find an overview of all interesting leasing deals here!

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