BMW M3 E92 Tuning: With a racing engine to the Tuning Trophy Germany

Is that still a street car? The question appears at this one tuned BMW E92 M3 quite justified, because it was radically converted into a racing car with a huge budget. Equipped in this way, its owner Martin Tamm would like to join the Clear the 2012 M3 at the “Tuning Trophy Germany”, the new TV show from DMAX and AUTO BILD.

V8 engine from the M3 GT2 racing car

BMW E92 M3

Instead of the production V8, the racing version moved in, which was also modified, for example with an air collector made of carbon.

This vehicle simply has to start with the engine. Originally there was a four-liter V8 vacuum cleaner called the S65 in the bow. That flew out and was replaced by a complete self-construction. A modified version of the P65B45-V8 is used, which is also used in Z4 GT3 racing car did his job. The unit was completed with larger individual throttle valves, new cylinder heads, titanium springs, Schrick camshafts, a reinforced crankshaft drive, larger oil spray nozzles, and so on. Also, the engine was converted to dry sump lubrication with adjustable oil pressure, whose reservoir sits in the trunk. Now he’s doing it 4.5 liter displacement extended naturally aspirated V8 560 hp. The engine is coupled to a seven-speed double clutch with a single-mass flywheel.

Almost all body parts are made of carbon

BMW E92 M3
Not only technically, but also optically, the tuned M3 lives up to its demands on a track tool.

That’s not enough of the trouble. Visually, the M3 also competes with the racing version. The ingredients: front apron with buildable Front splitter from GTS, GT4 rear wing, bonnet and trunk lid, fenders with air outlets, M Performance mirror caps, and much more, everything made of carbon. The interior awaits with bucket seats, Alcantara steering wheel, harness belts and one Digital cockpit, to name only the most important. What did the fun cost? Hold on: full 220,000 euros the 50-year-old owner has invested in his M3, of course not counting the base vehicle. It remains to be seen whether that will be enough to pass the Tuning Trophy Germany against Opel Ascona C and Nissan Skyline R33.

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