BMW M3 / M4 Tuning: variable lowering springs from H&R

Since the first M3 from 1986, BMW’s faster letter has always been at the top of the 3-series. And because the old wisdom that more is always possible never wears out, H&R sharpened the chassis. You even outdo yourself, because after classic lowering springs, the suspension specialists are now also helping Coil springs after. The parts are available for M3 and M4 as well as for their competition variants. (G-Power gets up to 700 PS from the BMW M3 and M4!)

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the Coil springs differ from sport springs in that the Vary the chassis height leaves. Depending on the model, the maximum lowering on the rear axle is between 40 and 45 millimeters, and a maximum of 35 millimeters more depth is always possible on the front axle. In addition, the Steering behavior more direct, and body movements when cornering, braking and accelerating are reduced.

H&R coil springs for BMW M3 + M4

The H&R lowering should not only benefit the driving dynamics – the M4 also looks significantly sportier!

Price of a good 1000 euros per set

the Long-distance suitability the springs should not be damaged, the ride comfort is not restricted too much, according to H&R. Because the coil springs continue to work with the standard dampers, they remain receive all functions of the active landing gear.

BMW M3 (Competition) with discount at

Less space between the wheel and the wheel arch the optics also benefit. Available ones also ensure the perfect fit Track plates. The coil springs are available for the rear-wheel drive BMW M3 and M4 with adaptive suspension as well as their competition models and the M4 xDrive convertible. the The price for one set is 1010.31 euros.

BMW M4 (Competition) with discount at

The 480 PS strong base M3 is available from 83,500 euros, the competition variant with 510 hp starts at 90,500 euros. The respective M4 models cost 85,000 euros and 92,000 euros, respectively. Only available as an all-wheel drive competition variant Convertible starts at 99,500 euros.

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