BMW M4 CSL (2022): teaser images show lighting design

BMW is working on an extreme version of the current M4. The new M4 CSL has now been officially teased and is set to make its debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on Lake Como on May 20, 2022.

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Erlkönigs that have already been sighted attest to an almost exaggerated appearance of the Munich sports coupé, despite the camouflage film; the two new teaser images, on the other hand, specifically address the lighting design.

BMW M4 CSL with yellow daytime running lights

The front and rear of the hardcore M4 can be seen in the images, which were apparently taken from the internet again shortly after their appearance. As with the M8 Gran Coupe and M5 CS, the M4 CSL will also have yellow daytime running lights, which are to be understood as a reference to earlier racing icons.

The apron could feature a large splitter and small flics on the edges. At the rear, there are OLED taillights with a filigree light graphic. So far, only the BMW M4 GTS has had special rear lights with organic LED technology, but the CSL is apparently taking on this legacy.

“Ducktail” style tear-off edge

In addition to the specific lights, the rear also appears to have a raised spoiler lip in the “ducktail” style.

BMW M4 CSL teaser

The rear has a high spoiler lip and taillights with filigree lighting graphics.

Under the hood, the CSL could also receive a performance increase of around 40 hp compared to the normal competition. With 550 hp, it would be the currently largest expansion stage of the S58 straight-six.

The presumably very limited model could also have even sportier bucket seats and be offered without a rear seat. We’ll know more by the end of May.

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