BMW M4 CSL (2022): The heir to the M3 CSL wears laser lights

Coupé, sport, lightweight construction. Three words that immediately release emotions. And are inextricably linked to two of the greatest sports coupés ever. Shortened to the initials CSL, it was previously only available on the 3.0 CSL and the M3 CSL. Until now. Because here comes CSL number three – the new M4 CSL. Just in time for the 50th anniversary of BMW M GmbH and a good two decades after the M3 CSL (2003).

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Optics: red accents for the M4 CSL

The appearance of the M4 CSL is always sporty. The BMW now breathes even more freely through the kidney thanks to lighter and more air-permeable inlays, the carbon front lip with side wings ensures contact pressure on the front axle, and the visible carbon parts on the bonnet allow a view of the fiber structure.


To mark the anniversary, the M4 CSL bears the “50 years of BMW M” logo. Each CSL receives a kidney outlined in red.

To bring a bit of life into the booth, the designers have made cutbacks, but only for decorative purposes. Kidneys and visible carbon strips are edged in red, aprons and sill panels are emphasized in red, the CFRP roof is lined in red and the brake calipers of the carbon-ceramic brake system are also red.

There are also CSL-specific rims with mixed tires (19 inches at the front/20 inches at the rear) and Cup 2 R tires specially developed for the CSL. There is a rump at the stern. Because unlike the M4 GTS from 2016, the M engineers don’t give the M4 CSL an attached wing, but an integrated spoiler that bulges out of the CFRP trunk lid.

The rear has a high spoiler lip and taillights with filigree lighting graphics. Laser technology works here.

Greetings from the M3 CSL. Laser taillights shine on the right and left for the first time – and six years after the M4 GTS with OLED technology in the taillights, they show what is possible in terms of lighting technology in 2022. A little further down: classically arranged tailpipes that form the end of the titanium rear silencer. In combination with reduced insulation, the M4 CSL should sound lively when equipped in this way.

Interior: no rear seat, but helmet nets

To attest the rigid shells immense lateral support borders on an understatement. Let’s put it this way: the optional M carbon bucket seats from the M3 and M4 seem almost soft compared to the full shells of the CSL.


Alcantara and brutal bucket seats characterize the interior of the special model.

If you want to sit higher or lower, you have to go to the workshop for adjustment. Splendid! In addition, the interior of the CSL offers a standard Alcantara steering wheel, helmet nets and carpet instead of a rear seat and CSL logos.

Technical adjustments: less ground clearance and new strut brace

Matters of honor are the supersport M4 lowering by 8 millimeters, CSL-specific axle kinematics with more negative camber, a new strut brace on the front axle and ball joints instead of rubber joints on the rear axle.

Weight savings: Lightweight construction isn’t just in the name of the M4

And of course a few kilos could also be saved with the M4 CSL. The “de-refining” of the trunk and the sparingly built-in sound insulation brought 15 kilograms of weight savings, large reductions in terms of weight then again in the interior. Carbon full bucket seats reduce mass by a further 24 kilograms compared to the standard M4 Competition. In addition, there is no rear seat and the center console is made entirely of carbon.

Ready for the racetrack – instead of the rear bench seat, there is a helmet net behind the front seats.

And now let’s mentally draw a line and recap what the lightweight construction efforts have achieved. According to the M GmbH, it has saved 100 kilograms of weight compared to an M4 Competition. With an unladen weight of 1625 kilograms, the M4 CSL weighs significantly less than the Competition M4, but is – to be fair – not super light.

Engine and driving performance: more power for the BMW special model

But this does not detract from the driving performance, because thanks to the increased boost pressure (2.1 instead of 1.7 bar) and adapted engine control, the S58 six-cylinder biturbo in-line engine is in top form. 550 hp and 650 Nm of maximum torque are sent to the rear axle by the well-known eight-speed automatic transmission.

The new strut brace gives the car additional rigidity and also looks good.

The result: 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Seven seconds later they are at 200 km/h. It only ends at 307 km/h. The M4 CSL’s Nordschleife time of 7:20.207 minutes proves that things aren’t just going straight straight ahead: 7:20.207 minutes, making the new CSL the fastest road BMW of all.

Price and limitation: BMW M GmbH will only produce 1000 pieces

Of course, M GmbH rewards all of this handsomely. Because for the M4 CSL BMW requires at least 165,200 euros. To make matters worse, only 1000 copies of CSL III will be made. It looks like the acronym CSL could continue to unleash all sorts of emotions.

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