BMW M4 with hand throttle works completely without foot pedals

Accelerator, brake, clutch – controlling vehicle functions with a foot pedal is as old as the car itself. But what if a physical disability doesn’t allow you to operate the pedals? Does the car have to stop then? Absolutely not, because the conversion to hand throttle and hand brake makes the gas and brake pedals superfluous.

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How the handling of such a system works is demonstrated by an American on YouTube using his 510 hp BMW M4 Competition as an example! In the video, the car enthusiast shows how easy it is to operate the converted M4 with just your hands. A lever behind the steering wheel controls the gas and brakes, and the sports coupé with an eight-speed automatic transmission does not have a manual clutch anyway.

For the inexperienced, switching from foot to hand throttle can certainly be compared to the first driving lesson. However, the M4 owner says that once you get used to it, the system is very easy to use.

The M4 Competition is not his first car

On his “Adaptive M” channel, the M4 driver shows not only the modifications to his car but also how to get into the vehicle from a wheelchair. Despite the wide sill and the bucket seat, the transfer succeeds without any problems, the collapsible wheelchair fits behind the passenger seat. The BMW M4 is not his first vehicle that he had converted. The American had previously driven an M3 with the construction code E92.

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