BMW M440i Gran Coupé: tests, engine, price, all-wheel drive

Let’s let us go new BMW 4 Series once not talking about the grill. Because today it’s all about the rear. That Gran Coupe is there, that is the BMW 4 Series with four doors and a huge tailgate. It has been with dealers since November 13, 2021, and we are already revealing three secrets: Firstly, it does not have bow handles like the 3 and 4 Series Coupé, but in the door skin integrated openerAs was the case for the last time with the 3 Series E36 in the 90s. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)


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Second, the Gran Coupé is the real star of the series, 50 percent of the sales have four doors, the rest is shared by the coupe and convertible. And thirdly, the rear passengers should either be “little passengers” or elastic around the waist. Get in the back we did it exactly once, so duck your head because of the sloping roofline and peel in through the narrow hatch. Technology supplier 3 gets something on the roof and becomes the 4 Series Gran Coupé. And you want to know: buy 3 or 4 series? Honest opinion: It doesn’t matter, they are both driving machines. One (3) is easier to get in at the back, the other (4) has the practical, huge tailgate, with the 3-limo it’s “only” a trunk lid.
BMW M440i Gran Coupe

The three-liter in-line six supplies the M440i Gran Coupé with 374 hp. Another 11 hp come from the mild hybrid system.

For the engine, BMW relies on a straight six

But let’s do what a car like that with a rear-biased car All-wheel drive and six-cylinder in-line with Biturbo so thirsty: accelerate, scratch curves, wiggle your buttocks a little. BMW gave us that M440i xDrive and we have to explain the technique briefly. Just like all diesels, the most powerful petrol engine currently has one 48 volt mild hybrid system on board. That means: Whenever the load brakes, energy flows into the battery. When the engine is off and the traffic light turns green again, the car starts electrically and the combustion engine switches on smoothly and imperceptibly. If you want to feel the full power later, step on the accelerator, this M440i boosts it, it stops eleven other horses to the already powerful ones 374 hp available, you briefly press the left button on the steering wheel paddle twice Eight-speed automatic sports Shift down two gears, clack, clack, and you shoot like a cannonball.

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (2021): New Presentation – Market Launch – Price – Info

BMW brings the new 4 Series Gran Coupe

The M440i Gran Coupe is seven centimeters longer than the comparable 3-series limo and weighs 90 kilograms more, that’s how stiff they made the body. but 1825 kilograms Without fuel and without a driver, that’s 1825 kilograms, and with a full tank and two passengers, two tons of car are thrown into the curve.

BMW M440i Gran Coupe

Despite its weight of 1.8 tons, BMW managed to set it up nimbly. Cornering is fun with the Gran Coupé.

You don’t notice its heavy weight in the BMW

For this weight, the BMW people have a lot of lead fine tuned, the 4er goes around the corner in a sporty way, feels lighter and smaller than we would guess on paper. It’s because they are a Axle load distribution of 50:50 have made it that 4 Series Gran Coupé with Sports suspension that makes the steering and springs much tighter and brings a lot of rest and relaxation on the long tour in comfort mode. Or to put it another way: BMW has put a fat guy on the wheels that you don’t even notice the pounds, what a joy! We also feel double joy inside: First, they are standard sports seats comfortable, offer great lateral support, have something so nice Alcantarathat you wouldn’t even think of ordering leather for 1450 euros. Second, they have what is already leading Multimedia system improved again in a car. ID7 is the name of this expansion stage of the iDrive, updates itself without a visit to the workshop, has an impeccable one Voice control, Real-time traffic reports and brings Alexa from Amazon into the car.

BMW 440i Gran Coupé in the AUTO BILD used car market

Finally, the question: What does the fun cost? 67,200 euros for the M440i, so 1300 euros more than a comparable 3 Series or 4 Series Coupé. That’s a lot, but for more space than in the Coupé and the more practical trunk than in the 3 Series, it’s completely okay. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupé • Engine: in-line six-cylinder, turbo, front longitudinal • Displacement: 2998 cm³ • Power: 275 kW + 8 kW (374 PS + 11 PS) at 5500-6500 / min • max. torque: 500 Nm at 1900-5000 / min • drive: all-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic • length / width / height: 4783 / 1852-2073 / 1442 mm • empty weight: 1825 kg • trunk: 470 -1290 l • 0-100 km / h: 4.7 s • Vmax: 250 km / h • consumption: 8.5 l / 100 km (Super) • CO2 emissions: 194 g / km • Price: from 67,200 euros.

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BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé in the test

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