BMW praises sporty driving in the upcoming i4 electric car – with a swipe at Tesla

With the i3, they proved many years ago that the BMW developers know how to build a purely electric car: the BMW i3, constructed on a new platform, came onto the market at the end of 2013, long before the Tesla Model 3. But then nothing followed for a long time, and in the meantime his manufacturer is deviating from the previous consistent path and developing platforms that can accommodate both combustion and electric drives. Now BMW showed the soon-to-be-coming i4, which shares the basis with the 4-series as a combustion engine, during rapid adjustment drives – including a swipe at Tesla.

Project manager praises own electric car

Regardless of the fact that the platform known as CLAR is also based on the combustion engine 4 Series, says i4 project manager David Alfredo Ferrufino Camacho: “For the first time we have developed a BMW with sporty DNA for purely electric driving from the start. The BMW i4 offers everything that BMW is known for – and it is fully electric. ”In the video that has now been published, the German electric car is presented in an extremely sporty way and extensively praised.

The electric BMW should offer up to 530 hp and then accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in four seconds. Performance models from Tesla down to Model Y can do this faster, but Camacho did not focus on this value, but is impressed by the driving behavior of the i4. “His spontaneous reactions to every movement, not only of the accelerator pedal, but also of the steering and brake pedal are characteristic,” he enthuses.

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“Just accelerate straight ahead, that’s not enough for BMW,” continues the project manager between drifts and fast corners. This can be understood as an allusion to Tesla, whose electric cars are often said to have this limitation. It remained open, however, whether Camacho had already tried a Model 3 Performance, for example – this Tesla recently cut a good figure at the Nürburgring even without modifications.

Range over Tesla Model 3

According to the WLTP and with a battery size of 80 kWh, the range of the new BMW electric car should be 600 kilometers – above that of the Tesla Model 3 with currently 580 WLTP kilometers and only a slightly smaller battery. That sounds attractive, but whether the i4 really drives as well as the project manager says will only be shown by independent tests. According to BMW, three i4 variants are planned, one of them with 330 hp and pure rear-wheel drive. the all-wheel drive version uses the 530 HP drive shown. Prices have not yet been officially announced, but should start at 50,000 euros. The i4 is charged with up to 150 kW. According to BMW, the market launch will come “later this year”.


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