BMW R 100 GS Paris Dakar: well-maintained BMW GS on eBay

Hardly one BMWmotorcycle enjoys such a legendary reputation as that Travel enduro GS. This is no coincidence, because the Swiss knife on two wheels is open Highways at home as well as on african Gravel roads. Cozy over on Sunday afternoon sinuous Country roads The Bavarian can twitch anyway. Your more powerful Boxer engine pushes properly from every situation in life.
That Success model from Munich looks back on a more than 40 year old story return. The origins were in EnduroSports and in a model political emergency. Since then, the GS has felt like one Spaceship on two wheels with everything imaginable High-techfrills designed to make life more comfortable for many kilometers in the saddle. But not only brand new BMW GS have their charm. True enthusiasts will appreciate them old Modelsthat to a other Time remember to ride a motorcycle. That risk staying in love manageable: 80 percent of all BMW GS ever registered in Germany are still on the road today.

BMW R 100 GS Paris Dakar on eBay

On eBay, one of them is turned gray in honor BMW GS available for purchase. It is about a R 100 GS Paris Dakar of the year 1991. The description in the ad is rather short: The Two-cylinderboxer the BMW has 980 Cubic centimeter Displacement and 60 hp, are on the speedometer 67,800 kilometers. That transmission has five gears. The motorcycle has one kick– and one Electric starter, the advance takes place via Cardan.
eBay BMW R 100 GS Paris Dakar

The photos in the advertisement suggest that the promised maintenance condition of the BMW could be right.

According to the seller, the BMW is in one very good State. This statement is dated first impression that the machine makes on the pictures in the ad. Until small scratchthat originate from a “slip”, no visual defects are visible. Of the paint shines, everything works very well clean and orderly. The BMW apparently has a few small Modifications receive. The seller mentions one ÖhlinsShock absorber, a Magura AX handlebar, Steel braidedBrake lines, round valve covers and deep footrests. The series parts are available. Otherwise the machine should be in its absolutely original condition. Freshen up TÜV and a new one battery received the GS in September 2021. the tires are still good according to the seller, but already 15 years old according to the DOT number. Price: 7500 euros.
eBay BMW R 100 GS Paris Dakar

The engine also looks neat and clean at first glance. A check is definitely a must.

During the check: check the condition and ask about the previous history

Anyone interested in BMW should definitely get one Viewing appointment make out on site. as Location Undenheim is given in Rheinhessen. That is south of Mainz or west of Darmstadt. That the BMW in the past twelve Years only 400 kilometers to the TÜV was driven and then back into the garage could come to one Vehicle collection indicate. But it raises the question of possible Stand damage on. rubber loses its plasticizer over the years and becomes porous. All of them alone Components the end rubber should therefore be examined carefully.

BMW R 100 GS Paris Dakar on eBay

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