BMW R 80 GS: BMW GS converted into a trendy scrambler

The BMW series GS of is a legend. It was the first comfortable one Travel enduro – justified with it BMW motorcycle a perfect new Vehicle type. She won with Hubert Auriol in the saddle several times rally ParisDakar and demonstrated its resilience in the deserts of North Africa. After all, she’s awesome suitable for everyday use and is also suitable for driving to the office.

BMW R 80 GS Scrambler on eBay

Second hand BMW GS in good condition are rarely cheap. classic like the early one R. 80 G / S have long been too Lover prices acted. It is a good thing that eBay just one R 80 GS of the year 1991 is for sale. According to the information, the owner has this GS himself for the trendy Scrambler unbuilt and every lot Working hours put into the project. That’s why she’s with 11,500 euros not that expensive at all.
eBay BMW R80GS

At 11,500 euros, this converted BMW R 80 GS is not that expensive at all.

Extensively converted BMW R 80 GS

The conversion of the BMW machine took place 2014. The engine was completely revised, and he got one 1000ccmCylinder set with Double ignition donated. This increased the performance 60 PS – according to the seller there is “Torque without end“. Of the Exhaust is a Zach Type R in black with black Heat shield and a bend with Heat protection tape. The front brake comes from Brembo, the associated Steel braided lines by Melvin. In the Tires the seller chose the Heidenau K60 type with roadworthiness.
eBay BMW R80GS

The seller had the engine painted black.

Visually, the bike comes in Matt black with brown leather. In addition, the seller let the engine paint black, as well as the originals Wire rims and the Paralevertank with 24 liters of fuel. The same thing happened to them Fenders, to the frame and some other parts. Of the Double seat is a one-off production by the saddler. He can go with few Handles to the Single seat be repurposed – among scrambler and cafe racer pilots that is considered cooler. That Rear the BMW is in the back after the conversion around and easy after above bent. The area EnduroHandlebars is registered as a special handlebar. The handmade one Headlights combines a classic exterior with modern technology. He is also registered. The only weakness the seller mentions is that the key from the Steering wheel lock canceled is. But according to the information you can reorder it.
eBay BMW R80GS

Visually, the bike comes in matt black with brown leather.

These points should be checked before buying a BMW R 80 GS

Of the Check of a used motorcycle starts with looking at the State of Brakes and ends at Steering head bearings: It has to click into place when you do that relieved Front wheel moved from one side to the other. AUTO BILD MOTORRAD has put together the most important test points for viewing a used bike here.

BMW R 80 GS Scrambler on eBay

Given the Customizations Interested parties should take a close look at the advertised machine, who has carried out the modifications and Which Components respectively. Parts were installed. That should be direct either at the motorcycle or about present bills have it done. Then you should quality check the conversion. This should not imply anything to the current owner, who is said to have done a lot himself. Whoever buys the bike should before signing the Sales contract be clear about what exactly he is dealing with. If the GS on offer is as good as it suggests, then this is it price very attractive.

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