BMW X1 (2022): The SUV will grow – in length!

The BMW X1 will probably get a successor in 2022. The current compact SUV still looks somewhat fresh thanks to the 2019 facelift – but compared to its X siblings, the X1 is now missing too much of the current BMW brand design. That should change with the next generation. Before it is actually that far, AUTO BILD has already thought about what the upcoming BMW X1 might look like!

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Visually, the new X1 should be significantly more beefy than its predecessor. BMW works with vertical surfaces in the city SUV and gives the X1 one steep front and narrower headlights. The kidney will grow significantly, but its dimensions are still within reasonable limits. In terms of dimensions, BMW is also following the trend towards larger: the length of the next X1 could be up to 4.60 meters (the current model measures 4.45 meters). In the interior is likely finally a digital cockpit to be found. At the same time, the screen for infotainment could grow a little and a few buttons could be eliminated.
BMW X1 !!! Illustration !!!

The X1 is also beefier than before at the rear. The taillights are getting narrower.

All common drives for the BMW X1, prices are likely to rise

As far as the drive range is concerned, the X1 remains quite a compact model. It is still based on the floor pan of the 1 Series, with transversely installed engines and front-wheel drive. In addition to small-volume diesels and gasoline engines with three cylinders, there will also be four-cylinder engines, all paired with 48-volt technology. The 306 hp M135i engine from the 1 Series can be traded as the top drive. BMW is also transplanting a plug-in hybrid drive into the X1, according to the new e-strategy fully electric iX1 almost set. The technology for the electric X1 comes basically from the iX3, but the drive in the X1 develops less power. Prices are likely to rise slightly; AUTO BILD expects that the basis will then 35,000 euros will cost.

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