BMW X3 Facelift (2021): test, SUV, diesel, price

BMW X3 / X4 Facelift (2021): New Presentation – Market Launch – Price – Info

BMW refreshes the X3 and X4

BMW has sharpened the front and rear

First of all, see what’s new. The front, for example. Much sharper and flatter LED lights (Standard, laser light for an extra charge), more striking and larger BMW kidney, new front apron with vertical air inlets. They have that in the back too Mid-size SUV Carefully refreshed: The three-dimensional LED taillights and the revised rear apron With an underride guard that, thanks to the elaborate paintwork, looks as if it were not made of plastic, but of aluminum. Fortunately, BMW doesn’t deceive us like that with the tailpipes, they are real, left and right, nothing fake! That Luggage compartment still swallows 550 liters and has carpet on the sides as well as a loading floor under which the net or other utensils can be stowed. Everything Finely processed, the rear door shelves are also solidly foamed.

BMW X3 30d xDrive

Absolutely smooth: rumbling diesels during start-stop operation are finally history – the BMW system works absolutely smoothly.

The mild hybrid technology in the X3 works very well

But we really want to do a lap – you know: Row six! Like all X3 engines now, the 30d also has one Mild hybrid system on board with a 48 volt starter generator. With the 286-PS-X3 it feels like this: When we roll towards a red traffic light, the generator converts it Kinetic energy into electricity that is stored in the 48-volt battery at the front. If the traffic light turns green again, the truck starts moving electrically and the motor switches on without being noticed. Rumble diesel in stop-and-go operation? That was once!

BMW X3 in the AUTO BILD used car market

A 330d with this technology and all-wheel drive consumed 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers in the test, one liter less in terms of economy. Of the X3 is thicker and bigger, it might become one half a liter more to drink. In terms of driving performance, top! Because then you step on the brush, the eleven additional little electric horses help with the boost, the box rushes forward, so that you ask yourself: I really have it there two tons under the bum? Yes, and the car is real 4.71 meters long, although you also got that on winding country roads don’t notice. No other driver in the mid-size SUV league is so handy, so agile. And this spread from sport too direct steering and tight chassis and comfort with fluffy suspension travel can only be achieved by few others so perfectly.
BMW X3 30d xDrive

Obeys every word: the infotainment is very intelligible when it comes to voice commands. The iDrive works at the very highest level.

Speaking of perfect. Yes, we spoke to the lady from BMW: Drive me there and do this and that. She understood us, every word. Destination entries via Voice control does that work iDrive 7 system in a matter of seconds, you can operate the connectivity by voice, touchscreen or iDrive controller, and we can’t say it often enough: This is top class! If we had a smart home, we could manage this while driving via a certain Ms. Alexa from Amazon: turn on the heating in the bathroom or turn on the light in the living room.

Price: At least 60,000 euros are due

In the end, this X3 flattened us so much that we configured it: 30d with sports package, 20-inch and leather seats including electrical adjustment and heating 70,000 euros. And because, with all the electric hype, the days are numbered for such six-digitizers, we say to ourselves: We’ll do an X on this diesel! (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data BMW X3 xDrive30d • Engine: in-line six-cylinder, biturbo, front longitudinal, mild hybrid • Displacement: 2993 cm³ • Power: 210 + 8 kW (286 + 11 PS) at 4000 / min • Max. Torque: 650 Nm at 1500 / min • Drive: all-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic • Length / width / height: 4708 / 1891–2138 / 1676 mm • Tank: 68 l • Empty weight: 2010 kg • Luggage compartment: 550-1600 l • 0-100 km / h: 5.7 s • Vmax: 245 km / h • Consumption: 6.2 l / 100 km (diesel) • CO2 exhaust gas: 162 g / km • price from 60,600 euros.

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