BMW X5 4.8is: 2006 SUV with only 11,000 km for sale

The BMW X5 is one of the pioneers in the SUV segment: Mercedes presented the ML in 1997, and two years later BMW brought the X5 onto the market. Officially marketed as “SAV” (Sports Activity Vehicle), the US-built E53 is actually one of the first SUVs been. The fourth generation of the X5 has been available since 2018. The original X5 is now 22 years old and on the way from young to oldtimers. EBay is currently a 360 hp BMW X5 4.8is from the last year of its generation soldwhich has almost never been driven!

BMW X5 4.8is in new condition on eBay

When BMW presented the X5 in 1999, the 4.67 meter long SUV was a minor sensation. With its self-supporting body and independent suspension, the X5 was designed from the outset for the road rather than the terrain. The design of the E53 was completely new, and not all BMW executives were sure that the X5 would also be well received in Europe. But it did: Until it was replaced by the successor E70 at the end of 2006, BMW continued worldwide over 600,000 copies of the X5 from.

The top model X5 4.8is was only offered between April 2004 and September 2006.

This BMW X5 has driven only 11,000 km in 15 years

A very special example is currently on sale in New York. With the X5 in the rare color “Imolarot II” is it about that Top model 4.8is from the last year of construction of the E53 model series. But that’s not all, because the real highlight is the extreme low mileage: Since the First registration in 2006 became this X5 just 11,137 kilometers (6920 miles) driven. So it’s no wonder that the eye-catching SUV is in top condition in the pictures. The paint has not faded, dents or scratches are just as in vain as stone chips – which is also due to the fact that the front of the car is covered with a 3M stone chip protection film. According to the seller, this is History can be completely documented. The BMW was bought by the first owner in 2009 with only 160 kilometers (100 miles) and has only rarely been moved since then. Most of the time the SUV is covered in the garage and hanging on the charger. Despite the low mileage, according to the seller, an oil change with Mobil 1 0W40 was carried out every six months. (Also interesting: BMW M5 E39 sold at record price)

There was no M model of the first X5

But not only the low mileage and the rare exterior color make this X5 an interesting vehicle for collectors, but also the fact that it is the former top model 4.8is. In 2003, BMW granted the first X model an extensive facelift, which can be recognized, among other things, by the new headlights and taillights as well as a generally revised front section.


The 4.8-liter V8 (N62B48) develops 360 hp and 500 Nm. That’s enough for a top speed of 247 km / h.

Up until this facelift, called “LCI” by BMW, the X5 4.6is with a 4.6-liter V8 (M62B46), which had been available since the beginning of 2002, was the top model in the series. It developed 347 hp and 480 Nm of maximum torque – it went up to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, top speed 240 km / h. But between spring 2004 and the end of production in September 2006, BMW went one better with the E53. It should there is no real M model from the first generation, but the X5 4.8is was as close to an M as it was then. The V8 (N62B48) was drilled out to 4.8 liters, the Power increased to 360 hp and 500 Nm maximum torque.

The BMW X5 4.8is will cost a good 40,000 euros on eBay

2004 was the Factory price of the BMW X5 4.8is 81,600 euros. As standard there was an air suspension and 20-inch rims as well as 275 tires on the front and 315 tires on the rear axle (for the big AUTO BILD summer tire test 2021) – otherwise the price was without extras. Nowadays the SUV, which weighs more than two tons, is available from gravel yard dealers already under 10,000 euros. Then, however, with well over 200,000 kilometers and probably five or more previous owners. The well-maintained X5 4.8is with an alleged “new car smell” from the USA is significantly more expensive: it should equivalent to 41,604 euros (49,995 US dollars) costs.

BMW X5 4.8is in new condition on eBay

A lot of money for a 15-year-old X5, but in comparison it should cost around 6000 euros less than a brand new BMW X3 xDrive20i with basic equipment. But one thing must not be forgotten: The maintenance costs of the X5 are high. Even if most weak points such as rust or leaky cuffs should not apply to the X5 on offer, insurance and fuel are not exactly cheap with the X5 (compared to a car insurance comparison).

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