Boeing ceases production of B747-8

Horrendous quarterly loss.

U.S. aircraft maker Boeing announces that it will cease production of the B747-8 after a quarterly loss of $ 2.4 billion. The last jumbo jet is to be finally assembled in 2022 according to the current planning status.

The amount of the loss is surprising, according to analysts, who expected a maximum of half. The aircraft manufacturer is now taking further measures and is generally reducing the production rate of long-haul aircraft. The 777 and 787 series are primarily affected. Only two machines per month and type are to be manufactured. The order book for the 747-8, which will only be manufactured as a freighter, will last until 2022. The rate here, however, is only half a jumbo jet per month.

With regard to the Boeing 737-Max, the top management assumes that a re-registration will be issued very soon. However, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer has often assumed this before new defects were discovered. The production of this type of machine has been running at an extremely low level since May 2020.


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