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Most beautiful memory

“Sailing the British Virgin Islands. We were living in Houston, Texas at the time and the islands were relatively close. We sailed for a week with my parents, husband and three sons. From island to island with white beaches, clear blue sea, turtles, swimming among coral. Quite what I used to dream of. Idyllic.”


“In my student days, we would go on a study trip to Istanbul with about 20 students. One of the students was in charge of the tickets. We were due to fly at eight in the evening, he said. We arrived at the airport around six o’clock full of enthusiasm. Turned out we should have been flying at eight in the morning! Eventually we flew with an extra flight to another city, followed by a 16-hour bus trip to Istanbul. That made our four-day trip very short. ”

Longest journey

“A year on the road with an American musical group, Up With People. I had just finished high school and really wanted to do this as a gap year. We traveled the world in groups of about 100 young people. We stayed with host families, performed a musical and volunteered. I have seen a lot of America and Canada and also Finland and Sweden. A very nice experience; seen a lot, experienced and learned. ”

Craziest ever

“In 2016, Tropical Storm Harvey flooded thousands of homes and left people homeless. In Houston, we lived just high enough that our house stayed dry. But we were locked up at home for almost a week (after hoarding the supermarket). When the storm had passed, we started to help as much as possible. Like clearing houses that had been completely submerged. There we were confronted with this bizarre country. The homeowner had secured his weapons by keeping them in the attic. Not a few, but hundreds! ”

Strangest food

“Bull balls in Finland. I was staying with a Finnish farming family as part of my trip with the international musical group. On the table were boiled potatoes, among other things. I took them and thought them a little different, but ate them politely. The host father proudly said it was the bull balls from his farm! That was a bit of a swallow, literally and figuratively. ”

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