Finance buys Cycloon bicycle courier: wants to deliver more sustainably

Bicycle delivery company Cycloon is now active in more than 60 cities in the Netherlands. About 800 bicycle couriers work for the company and 600 postmen with a former distance from the labor market. Cyclone does have partners in a number of cities in which it does not have its own branch, so that it can also deliver there.

takeover buys the majority of the shares in Cyclone. It has not been disclosed how much pays for the shares. Cycloon’s current management will remain involved with the company for at least the next four years. The works council has yet to approve the takeover. and Cyclone believe that the transaction will be completed in the first half of 2022. After four years, will also buy the remaining shares, so that it will then have all the shares of Cyclone.

More sustainable delivery wants to reduce its own ecological footprint and this can be done, among other things, by having bicycle couriers delivered. At the end of 2025, no longer wants to emit CO2 when delivering packages.

Already 24 percent of the packages are delivered sustainably, says Vincent Weijers, director of Logistics & Operations at This is because some of the items are already delivered by post, i.e. on foot.

Then of course it concerns the last part of the delivery, because the largest part of the transport from the distribution center to the customer is still done by trucks. But that too must become CO2-neutral.

Cyclone can grow faster

Cycloon wants to grow further, says Marieke Snoek, Cycloon’s general manager. It makes a difference that the model of a bicycle courier company is scalable.

Investments have already been made in IT, for example. However, money must be invested in equipment such as bicycles and couriers must be recruited. Growth will be easy with as a shareholder, says Snoek. But Weijers would not say how much money is available for growth.

Cycloon does not want to take over companies it currently works with, says Snoek. Cyclone can, however, start in cities where it is not yet established and where it also has no partners.

The delivery service also wants to be active in Belgium, where also has an online store.

Cyclone: ​​packets from others

Cycloon will deliver the packages from itself as well as from the sales partners who sell their items via the web store. It is unclear which part of the packages will be delivered by bicycle.

Weijers would not say how many parcels Cyclone is already delivering for and which part of’s parcels will be delivered via Cyclone after the takeover.

Online stores are growing

In recent years, more and more packages have been delivered and especially since corona and the lockdowns that we occasionally have to deal with, we have started online shopping en masse. is not the first to deliver by bicycle itself. Cool Blue, for example, already has delivery bicycles on the road. Parcel deliverers from PostNL and DHL also sometimes ride cargo bikes. is part of Ahold Delhaize, the group behind Albert Heijn and Etos, among others. The company recently announced that it wanted to bring the web store to the stock exchange.

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